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Nappy laundries?

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Rhian82 Wed 16-Jul-08 08:24:30

Does anyone here use a laundry service for reusable nappies? If so, could you tell me your experiences - and if you considered and decided against it, could you tell me why you made the decision?

We've got a local one that's supposed to be really good. DH is keen, but I'm a bit wary of a few things - that we'll have to own enough nappies for a week before washing, that it'll cost more than washing ourselves, and that we won't get a choice in brand. But the fact that people use them means they must be doing something right!

I think we've definitely decided to do their month's trial anyway - and we like the fact that they're more environmentally friendly because they're doing really big washes. But would like to hear other people's thoughts and experiences if possible.

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