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Pampers Sensitive Nappies Alternatives???

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direland74 Tue 15-Jul-08 18:21:41


We have been using Pampers Sensitive nappies for some time as out 13 month-old daughter (Amelie) has very sensitive skin which has reacted to standard Pampers, Huggies and Nature Baby nappies. The only nappy we have tried which she has not reacted to is Pampers Sensitive. Unfortunately Boots stores and website have been out stock for several weeks and their customer service reps cannot give a delivery date. Pampers website lists the sensitive nappies as discontinued but their customer service reps claim that they are still available from Boots and can still be ordered by retailers...most confusing. Anyway, we were wondering if anyone knows of any other online retailers who stock this type of nappy, or failing that a suitable alternative to Pampers Sensitive. N.B. We have tried going back to "real" nappies which we originally stopped as a result of horrendous nappy rash, but this is proving to be more troublesome as Amelie is more aware of the added time, etc. in putting these on resulting in a far from enjoyable experience for both her and us, additionally they are frankly not as effective at keeping Amelie dry.

laidbackinengland Tue 15-Jul-08 18:24:30

Have you tried Moltex OKO ? They don't have any bleach or chemicals in them and I use them at night as my DS3 is a heavy wetter. Slightly more expensive than pampers . I think lille green earthlets, so organic and other 'green' internet sites sell them in bulk which is slightly cheaper. They will often send you a few samples too.

laidbackinengland Tue 15-Jul-08 18:26:06


direland74 Tue 15-Jul-08 19:16:20

Hi, thanks very much for the info, will give the Moltex OKO nappies a try. The price isn't really a problem, we'd rather pay a little extra to ensure Amelie's skin is healthy. Thanks again!

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