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if you could start again with cloth nappies, which would you go for now that you have experianced them?

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PinkTulips Mon 14-Jul-08 13:02:00

have tonnes of Bambino Mio as they were all i could buy where we lived before and although they were fine for dd they didn't work at all for ds.

ended up buying a fairly mixed lot of nappies, think the most of one type i have is about 6.

am preg with dc3 and as ds will barely be potty trained (if at all) and will still need the bigger size nappies and the only small ones i have are BM am contemplating buying a whole new set of smaller size nappies.

have harmonies, bumbles, diddy diapers, popolini and motherease one sizes, bamboozles and something else that's bamboo in the ones i have for ds and i'm not in love with any of them.

harmonies i did love but 3 out of 6 have lost all their leg elastic in only a year of use and are practically useless now

based on nappies you've tried which would you definitely buy again and which would you steer clear of?

accessorizequeen Mon 14-Jul-08 13:28:57

I've done much as you have with 2nd child, I got loads of different kinds. I wouldn't buy bambinex/whambamboo again as dp won't use them, too complicated to put on with nappy+liner+booster folded+nippa+wrap!!! I don't MEOs either, they just badly, not enough stretch. The bumbles I bought were in such bad condition that it's given me a bad impression of them although they are raved about by others on here.

I am expecting dt's in sept and will have to buy some newborn ones, ds2 will be 21 months and still in nappies too. I'd buy more pockets, esp BTP ones like wonderoos or shaped nappies with a fleece inner/space for a booster (little lambs, fluffles, others I can't think of). In fact size 1 fluffles seem a perfect newborn nappy (I only got size 2) although bulky of course - still avail. 2nd hand.

ME Sandies I think are fab, they fit well across the sizes (I bought large at 6 months and he's still in them!), cheap to buy new or secondhand and just seem comfy for him. Go really well with airflows and seem pretty bomb proof.

PinkTulips Mon 14-Jul-08 13:33:52

thanks... have been eyeing up sandies but as i haven't tried them am a bit wary of any more costly mistakes.

good luck with the twins smile

am curious as well about all in ones, are they really worth the money?

accessorizequeen Mon 14-Jul-08 13:44:04

I just bought sandies 2nd hand on here so not much of a risk! I would happily buy them in small as a newborn nappy. They're not remotely exciting of course grin.

I have tended to buy pockets either 3 for 2 (as wonderoos are at present) or 2nd hand so again not too pricey. A btp pocket for £12 can be used for 3 years so works out fairly well in the long run plus you don't have to rush out buying more wraps, shaped nappies etc. Although I haven't used them on a newborn, I moved to cloth full time when ds2 5 months. Do buy wonderoos made by hip hip baby though, as the other ones are absolutely rubbish!

It really depends what your needs are, I find pockets pretty good for out and about, taking to nursery, dp will put em on happily etc.

I thought kiwi quick flip also pretty good, I have 2 but he's outgrown them, dry really quickly for how absorbent they are and fit very snugly.

HensMum Mon 14-Jul-08 13:59:24

I bought Cotton Bottoms (pre-folds) when they were being discontinued and were half price in Boots and I generally quite like them. They are not absorbant enough for night time and need some boosting but for daytime are fine.
I also bought some Little Lambs recently and I'm not too thrilled with them. I got one of each - micro-fibre, bamboo and cotton - and I don't find any of them particularly absorbant. I need to change my son after about an hour and a half, even with a booster, whereas the Cotton Bottom can do at least 2 hours usually, sometimes longer. It's not so much that the LLs leak, it's just that they feel sodden by that time.

PinkTulips Mon 14-Jul-08 14:00:39

i keep hearing about those kiwi nappies, must have a browse and see.

my main concern is ease of use and washing as with 3 kids of 4 and under i'm going to need everything to be nice and simple, hense my current attraction to AIOs and pockets, lees chance of realising i don't have a clean wrap or nappy to hand when i'm in the middle of a nanppy change with 2 toddlers trying to 'help' grin

MrsBadger Mon 14-Jul-08 14:03:42

accesorizequeen, the shaped nappies with fleece inner and space for boosting you couldn't think of were Bimbles, which are bloody fab IME, esp in size 0 for newborns, but the side wings aren't as long as totsbots if you have a fat-tummed baby.

I have some knackered old Bumbles too - the cotton seems to have gone much 'balder' than my similarly aged/used totsbots - but the new ones seem to be made of better quality fabric.

PinkTulips Mon 14-Jul-08 14:14:45

not mad on anything nippaed after having a hysterical ds one morning who'd managed to wiggle so much the nippa hadcome loose and embedded itself in his balls shock

accessorizequeen Mon 14-Jul-08 15:25:27

grin at nippa'd balls. I do like nippas on some nappies but they're a pita sometimes. I'm going to have 4 under 5 so I see your point which is why pockets rule aside from nighttime.

MrsB, aha, yes I think bimbles must be it. I was not impressed with the bumbles, complete rubbish but might go for a few bimbles for the dt's. Although ds2 incredibly podgy round the middle, doubt dt's would be as they'll be smaller.

Another thing I would def. get again wraps-wise is a wee notions. Fab and gorgeous.

wishbird Mon 14-Jul-08 17:23:06

I am currently writing nappy diaries online for work, DS is just coming up 5 weeks now. Like you have loadsa different types to help 'research' and found so far that BumGenius are the best - though guess you only want 1st size, and they are birth to potty. They are just so easy to use - fit even a newborn well, and are best for wetness and poop containment! They also dry really quick, wash great (so far), and look adorable. Only downside is they are quite pricey - though do through to potty - so not bad in the long run. Fave 1st size probably the Little Lambs bamboo ones - also super cute - though slow drying. Lollipops also good - great size and dry fantastically quickly! Just started using Bamboozles - and seem great - but very bulky on small babies (DS growing at phenomenal rate - fit nice now)

You can read my Nappy Diaries here if you like.

BigBadMousey Mon 14-Jul-08 19:39:13

Well I could type for hours on this one but I'm not going to <listens for audible sigh of relief from all> grin.

I have probably 30 different types of nappy here (if not more) and I'm using sandies a lot on baby DS (7 weeks). They are fab - just like soft fluffy airflows. They give a great fit on a newborn and are so easy to put on, lovely and snug and cuddly. I didn't use them for DD2 and think I missed out. DD2 is 2.3 now and the large is sadly too low in the rise for her. I rate them very highly as a newborn / young baby nappy - you need to use an airflow over them for the best effect.

If you will have 3 DCs under 4 (like me grin) I would really recommend you stay well clear of pocket nappies. Unless you are very lucky you are just going to get an awful lot more laundry as a result of trying them out. DS is leaking through all the pockets we have so every change of nappy includes a change of vest, trousers and sometimes top too - not good angry

I have a photo of DS in his sandies (aged about 4 weeks) which I could put on my (currently non existant) profile if you'd like to see what a good fit they are?

accessorizequeen Mon 14-Jul-08 19:49:45

BBM's probably right in some ways although I don't think I know anyone who's had a problem with the hip hip baby wonderoos? Fuzzi bunz didn't work for me, neither did swaddlebees.

I also like the look of cottontails and thirsties which seem to be getting good feedback on here (both avail. from kittykins I think).

Note of warning re: bumgenius, imo they are not a BTP nappy. DS2 has just outgrown his (he's 19 mo) because he's fairly chubby round the thighs and with the requisite boosting they were cutting in. I never thought they looked that big!

What size sandies on a newborn btw, BBM, I'm quite tempted to buy some as I like the large so much. And there's an organic version too.

I think kiwi quick flips (they do an ordinary and a lite which is v.slim fitting) are best with nippas, PT although they do come in poppers I think.

BigBadMousey Mon 14-Jul-08 20:20:26

Oh no - he leaks through wonderoos - the new ones!

He was 8lb 2 at birth and XS sandies were perfect but small also fitted well. He is big built though. There's a photo of him in a small sandies at 5 weeks on my profile nowsmile.

accessorizequeen Mon 14-Jul-08 20:28:02

blush ok, then wonderoos not bombproof for everyone! PT if you're thinking about buying new what about a trial pack from one of the nappy sellers - with some of them you can get a lot of your money back if you decide you don't like them or they don't fit dc3/ds? Or nappy libraries?

BBM, bless, lovely photos! I love seeing ones of lo's in cloth, must take some more of ds2. Small sandies sound good then. I worked out how many sposies I'd use in a week (about 140!) with the dt's and I just have to use cloth on them even if not on ds2 for a while.

TheProvincialLady Mon 14-Jul-08 20:33:11

I bought Onelife (basically ME) before Ds was born and they have been absolutely perfect for us. Someone gave us some prefolds and I do shove one in to boost at night now that he is older (22m) but otherwise I have absolutely no complaints and will use again with DC2 who is on the way. DS is quite skinny though and I have seen the ME become too tight on chubbier types. I imagine the new baby will be slim too though as we all are in the TPL family.

PInkyminkyohnooo Mon 14-Jul-08 20:34:16

well I love totsbots with a nippa.

Never had problems with nippas, but can't stand aplix- on nappies or wraps.

Ellas house hemp/cotton mix with poppers, regular and bumhuggers.

Kiwis with poppers are also good.

I don't really like birth to potty nappies- they can tend to look like a sack of spuds.

CarGirl Mon 14-Jul-08 20:34:42

I really love my HemPresto nappies but they are 2 sizes not btp so an expensive outlay and relatively bulky but absolutely bombproof and very easy to put on/take off so great for reluctant clothies/nurseries etc.

BigBadMousey Mon 14-Jul-08 20:35:24

thanks smile - tbh i think they are pretty much bombproof for all - he just likes the be the rare exception. I have one in each of my trial kits and they are very popular - lots of people have chosen to go with them (although I'm sure they are swayed by the funky colours!)

BigBadMousey Mon 14-Jul-08 20:41:06

PInkyminkyohnooo - DD2 uses ellas house day nappies with a microfibre cloth booster and they are fab. Very thin, very absorbant and a great fit. I don't like aplix either - too stiff and bulky and no matter what I do they all stick together in the wash grin

Ellas House Day Nappies will be our nappy of choice when DS is a big boy.

nannyL Mon 14-Jul-08 21:13:09

Have used all sorts of nappies in the past few years

anoter vote for sandys being one of my top favourites EVER... smile

also used size 0 kissaluvs in a new born (where it pops down at the front so as to not irritate the chord) they are my favourite new born nappy!

PinkTulips Mon 14-Jul-08 22:09:50

dear god.... dp just had an idea... about nappies shock the man normally runs in completely the opposite direction when i start rambling!

he's suggested getting one of a few i like in ds's size as alot of his are on their last legs anyway and getting a set of whichever i like best and seem to be wearing best in a few months for the new baby.... that's actually a good idea shockgrin

interesting that everyone seems to get on well with the sandies, will definitely be adding them to the list to try.

BBM, your ds is just adorable. the nappies seem a perfect fit on him at that age, not nearly as bulky as i'd imagined shaped nappies would be on a young baby.

i was eyeing up the swaddlebees velour sized nappies earlier, anyone used them? they are really pricey but feckin gorgeous

PinkTulips Mon 14-Jul-08 22:13:26

how long did the kissaluvs last before the baby grew out of them nannyl... i think what put me off them before was that there were so many sizes it seemed like i'd have to buy a new set every few months....

think that was the kissaluvs anyway...

or was it the fuzzi bunz....

[wanders of rambling to herself in confusion]

Washersaurus Mon 14-Jul-08 22:19:40

Well my nappy collection is almost as extensive as BBM's grin....

Most importantly I always use a Motherease wrap whatever nappy we use.

I love the teeny tiny nippa bimbles for newborns.

I always use original Tots bots nippas for nighttime, we have used/are using all the sizes.

Diddy diapers are excellent value for money and fit for longer than Tots bots as the tabs are longer. I use these a lot in the daytime now.

I like ME onesize for my change bag, as have 2 different sized boys in nappies, and nursery seem to cope well with them. I prefer Sandy's though, but they seem to cost more to buy 2nd hand.

I wouldn't use prefolds again as we just didn't get on with them, and we didn't get on with Fuzzi Bunz either.

Amphibimum Mon 14-Jul-08 22:21:10

i would prob have bundles of all sorts of different kinds, just like i do now. coz i am fickle and a sucker and a marketers dream blushgrin

BigBadMousey Mon 14-Jul-08 22:25:24

Dah...thankyou grin. I am very, very chuffed to have him to say the least grin

Thinking about it, I think what I like about the sandys on a young baby is that they are gently elasticated aound the waist. He looked so tiny and I didn't like the relatively stiff, wide band of aplix around his tummy. With the sandys there is nothing pressing on their tummy at all and they are very adjustable in fit.

He is a very heavy wetter and these work well for him. Little Lamb, Tots (apart from the nippa fluffle) and Bumbles are quite bulky on him at the moment and give the same amount of absorbancy (apart from the bumble which is more absorbant due to its btp size).

Swaddlebees are supposed to be nice but I've not tried them on a newborn or young baby.

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