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DS is 2.9, showing all the signs of being ready but...

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mankyscotslass Sun 13-Jul-08 08:58:55

is frightened of doing a wee in the toilet or the potty.

He tells us just before he does a wee and a poo, tells us he wants his nappy changing, is dry after long naps and frequently in the morning when he gets up. He is happy to sit on the potty or the toilet for ages, but as soon as he knows he is going to wee he gets hysterical for his nappy on.

I just get the feeling that if he did it once and saw how much fuss we made of him, he would be dry very quickly.

I have offered rewards, but it's like he just dosen't feel secure doing it anywhere but the nappy.

I know I will just leave it for a bit, but its so frustrating when I know he is ready on so many different levels!

Eldest DS was dry just before 3rd birthday using rewards, DD went dry at 2.2 on her own, just took her own nappy off and never looked back, so you would think I would be more relaxed knowing they are all different....sigh.

Just really would like him to be dry before preschool in September, although they will take him in pullups I could do without the expense and mixed messages they give out!
Any one have any ideas for something we could try?

anonymama Sun 13-Jul-08 09:13:28

Apparently very common (especially with boys & poo). Have you tried getting him to wee IN his nappy, but whilst seated on the potty/trainer seat?

anonymama Sun 13-Jul-08 09:16:30

I think the idea is then to loose the nappy gradually, then have it in the potty (if it's a poo you can tip it from the nappy into the potty, then show him you flushing it down the loo - wave goodbye etc.

Reward charts might work at his age, or really nice pants with favourite characters on - encourage him not to wee on Noddy/Sporticus etc.

If you are really confident that he has bladder/bowel control, you could wait for the warmer weather (whenever that might be!) and just let him go commando in the garden and wear pants the rest of the time (they do catch the poo!), and resign yourself to a few weeks/months of lots of clothes-washing. It is not as grim as it sounds. My son often forgets to go when he is playing, and it's just a swift change and a bit of water.

Good luck.

anonymama Sun 13-Jul-08 09:18:14

Message withdrawn

mankyscotslass Sun 13-Jul-08 09:27:34

Thank you, I think I will wait for the warmer weather and give it a go in the garden...if we get a summer that is, lol.
Good idea about lining the potty with the nappy, will try that!
Thanks again.

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