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Nappy Soak - advice please

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Jane99Thomas Sat 12-Jul-08 10:29:20

Dry-pailing didnt work for me - stinky nappies, despite trying out all the usual methods (vinegar, pre-washing, extra rinse etc).

So as a last resort I have started soaking my nappies. Tea-tree oil worked well but bought my DS out in a rash & vinegar didnt fully neuratalise the urine smell.

Have just bought some eco friendly nappy soak to try out. Do you have to wash them afterwards? The instructions say just rinse so not sure.


AnAngelWithin Sat 12-Jul-08 10:30:06

give them a rinse then wash as normal

CarGirl Sat 12-Jul-08 10:31:37

Yes I would wash them at 40 degrees for sure as otherwise how would you know all the soak has dissolved properly in the first place? Especially if your ds has sensitive skin I would wash (probably without anymore powder) and then rinse as normal?

CarGirl Sat 12-Jul-08 10:32:25

I got rid of stinky nappies by using a small quantity of bio powder with my soap nuts grin plus the occasional wash at 60 btw.

LackaDAISYcal Sat 12-Jul-08 10:44:25

I think rinse and then wash as normal with a reduced amount of powder. I always give mine a couple of extra rinses as DD also has sensitive skin, regardless of any pre-soaking. essential oils always make her bottom break out so we avoid them at all costs now!

I think nappy soak can reduce the life of your nappies though, so I would try not to use it all the time; maybe just once or twice a week.

BigBadMousey Sat 12-Jul-08 16:53:26

Let us know if the soak works. Are you using microfibre nappies?

Jane99Thomas Sat 12-Jul-08 17:21:31

I use prefolds (100% cotton).

As well as buying the eco friendly nappy soak, I soaked one prefold in Napi-san, yes it goes against the grain but it stank so much, when I changed DS overnight nappy that I needed to do something. His bedroom absolutely reeked of ammonia. I thoroughly rinsed it & currently drying on the line so will see if its done the trick. I've tried everything, soda crystals, bi-carbonate of soda, the lot.

Is it only my DS that produces smelly wee? He drinks plenty of water so I dont know why his nappies are so smelly.

I am wondering whether the damage has already been done (ammonia set into the nappies).

BigBadMousey Sat 12-Jul-08 17:29:18

Well if you're thinking of the environment surely one box of napisan is better than chucking out all your prefolds and buying more (cheaper too).

Will watch with interest to see if it works. DD2s wee has got a lot stronger as she has got older - she drinks a lot too so not sure what causes it. Her hemp nappies are fine but the microfibre cloths we boost them with are in need or replacement - they're cheap but that isn't the point for us sad

MadameCheese Sat 12-Jul-08 19:10:08

What nappy soak are you using? We use PHP, and find it pretty good. However I do wash the nappies with the rest of DS's washing so it makes up a full load rather than just rinsing.

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