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How realistic would it be to think ds1 could be out of nappies in the next six weeks?

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Miaou Wed 09-Jul-08 21:49:58

He will be three on 1st August, and starts at nursery on 18th (ish), for three hours a day. (Scotland, btw).


- he does not tell me when he needs a wee
- ditto poo
- will sometimes tell me if he has done a poo or has a very wet nappy, but not consistently, and will swear blind the smell is not him if he doesn't want to be interrupted grin
- will happily sit on the toilet and potty with a bare bottom (but has never yet done anything in either hmm)
- when he occasionally wees in the bath he seems very surprised
- there is seemingly no regularity to his bladder or bowel movements

Sigh - I really don't know if it's worth trying or not ... the nursery he is going to have only started taking 3 year olds this intake (ie, ds1 will be one of the first), and they do not have the staff to change him if he poos (he can manage in the same nappy for the whole session as long as he doesn't poo). But if he doesn't potty train before he starts then he will have to do it at some point whilst at nursery which doesn't bear thinking about ... argh ...

Thing is, I know they say "wait until they tell you they need a wee" - but the dds NEVER did hmm

Thoughts please ...

luckylady74 Wed 09-Jul-08 21:54:27

Lock yourself in the house this weekend with a naked from waist down ds and lots of cleaning products. Don't pressure him and give him lots of chocolate. If there's no sign of improvement stop and try in another month?If you are cross even a tiny bit at any point it won't work(bitter experience here!).

2point4kids Wed 09-Jul-08 21:55:00

It's definitely worth a shot I'd say.
Clear a week in your diary and plan nothing that week except concentrating on the potty training.

DS1 was in pretty much the same position as your DS recently. He is 2.9 years so a similar age too.

It took 6 days to get him dry and clean and he has had no accidents at all since. I was conmpletely taken aback at how well he did seeing as he wasnt showing any of the signs and would have been quite happy to stay in nappies for much longer.

I posted on a couple of other threads (sorry to go on about it everyone grin ) what I did day by day. I'll find it and link so you can see.

You lose nothing but a few days of your time if you try it. If he picks it up then great. If not, put the nappies back on and wait a while longer.

Good luck!

2point4kids Wed 09-Jul-08 21:58:51


DanJARMouse Wed 09-Jul-08 21:59:18

I feel your pain.

We are struggling with DD2 (3 in october)

She starts pre-school in November, and although I think they WILL take her in nappies, im not sure they are overly keen.

Rebecca wants to wear pants during the day while we are at home (im not brave enough for out and about) but she will only poo in a nappy, and we are having at least 2 accidents a day at home.

Im stressing about it, because Jessica was so easy, did it in 2/3 days and has never looked back!

Im assuming you have done the put in pants thing and leave a potty around?!

Miaou Wed 09-Jul-08 22:01:04

Oooh that's encouraging! I've got two older ones and a younger one, so I really am best doing it now whilst the dds are at home from school, as they can keep an eye on ds2 whilst I mop up deal with ds1.

Good point about clearing the diary. Next week is a definite possibility.

Makes me want to weep (with envy) when I speak to friends whose children were clean and dry a year ago - not just girls either!

GoatisLOLing Wed 09-Jul-08 22:02:59

just go for it. it is only wee & poo. take a change of clothes and go out. it will be hellish but all things pass.

Miaou Wed 09-Jul-08 22:03:43

Nope DanJarm, I haven't tried at all yet. We have beige carpets grin. I don't want to put him in and take him out again if I can avoid it. Did that with dd2 - spent over a year trying to train her - nightmare!!

bozza Wed 09-Jul-08 22:03:55

I think you need to go for it. You said yourself that your girls never told you. Neither of mine did either. And DD was clean night and day at 2.1. Be brave, clear a few days, enlist the girls to help with the positive reinforcement and do it. smile

DanJARMouse Wed 09-Jul-08 22:05:00

Its been like this with Becca, do you think i just need to bite the bullet and keep her in knickers all day regardless?

DD1 still wears pull up at night and she is 4 in 2 weeks time!!! (im so god damn lazy!)

somersetmum Wed 09-Jul-08 22:07:55

I 'waited' for dd to tell me, but she never did, so I gave up waiting the week after her third birthday. I sat her down and talked to her, then we went out and bought pretty knickers. The next day, we put the knickers on and just went for it - I even took her out! She had two or three accidents, but was completely trained within three days and the nights came very quickly afterwards (within another two weeks).
She was at a very similar stage to your ds.
The only thing I would say is that, when she did eventually use the potty, she overfilled it very quickly, because of her bladder control, so it may be worth going straight to the toilet and skip the potty. Good luck.

Miaou Wed 09-Jul-08 22:11:41

LOL goat, I'm a fairly laid-back person, but the word "hellish" is looming large here grin

2point4, that diary thing is really helpful. At the moment he is shunning the potty for the loo (because dh bought a fancy schmancy loo seat here ), but I might stick the potty in the living room for the next couple of days to get him used to sitting on it.

Am wondering about letting him have a "go" on the potty whilst still ostensibly in nappies (I really can't start until next week, dd2 has a friend coming for the day on Friday), or would that confuse him? A bit of a pain too as he is in non-aplix tots bots which I can only do up when he is lying down, so not easy to take on and off.

Miaou Wed 09-Jul-08 22:14:34

oh, x-posts - thanks guys.

Hmm yes, who knows about the bladder control? That's the thing with nappies, I have no idea how often he wees!

Also pooing is a nightmare - totally irregular - can be three times in one day or not at all for two days - and he has this toddler diarrhoea thing too - none of this "simply shake the fleece liner and the poo will drop off" - ha hmm

bozza Thu 10-Jul-08 08:33:20

I think I would talk to him and big up the idea over the next couple of days. Maybe invest in some fancy underpants and then just ditch the nappies (apart from night time obv.) and start as you mean to go on next week.

SirDigbyChickenCaesar Thu 10-Jul-08 08:39:52

DS wouldn't even sit on the potty never mind pee in one. then DH told him taht he could have stickers whenever he did a pee or poo in the potty.
that was last week. he's totally potty trained now.
(I HAD BEEN TRYING FOREVER AS WELL.then he waltzes in and solves it in 3 seconds. me? bitter? nooooo)

Miaou Thu 10-Jul-08 09:19:41

oh I could totally bribe ds1 with stickers - he's a sucker for them!

just remembered I've got two long dental appointments next week - sigh -

dh says why not use pull-ups as pants when we're out (pants at home) - would that work do you think?

LOL SirDigby grin

2point4kids Thu 10-Jul-08 10:22:17

I think that would confuse him to be honest and make it all take longer.
Take him in pants. Take a travel potty and lots of spare clothes!

Miaou Thu 10-Jul-08 14:35:54

Hmm, that's what I think too hmm. God I hate this bit of parenting. Nothing else bothers me except bloody potty training!! grin

SirDigbyChickenCaesar Thu 10-Jul-08 14:36:25

actually <whispers> i put DS in a diaper when we were out for the whole day the other day. i still took him to the toilet when i went and he did a pee. sometimes it's just easier. blush

if you have a poundland near you they have some good stickers right now. found a Shrek scene with reusable stickers and a box of 100 doctor who stickers. each a pound.
the doctor who ones were good because we could put them up then start fresh the next day.

Miaou Mon 14-Jul-08 16:45:33

Me again. Ds1 decided today that he wanted to go into pants. Great. Except he is refusing to even try and go on the potty, or the toilet! I think he doesn't go that often (close observation and regular nappy checking this past week), but I guess that means I'm about to have a huge flood on the floor hmm. I don't want to force him to use the potty or toilet and thereby put him off, but ... ARGH. Sorry, just need to vent.

Stickers is no go. Yes he loves them. No he will not do anything for them grin. Stubborn is too mild a word, I tell you ...

Rant over ... dettol at the ready ... hmm

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