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Do I wait until DD can announce she needs to do a poo/wee before training? I think training has kind-of started already without me noticing.....

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Woollymummy Wed 09-Jul-08 00:11:16

ok, we have a DD who has just refused to wear a nappy today, liked wearing some pants, looked wiggly after dinner and eagerly went to do a wee on the potty (only about the 3rd time ever), did a wee, then wanted to wipe her own bottom, pull up her pants, and play on the floor, I knew a poo was on its way but was BF my DS so couldn't get there in time, but DH checked her as the poo was on its way out, or just afetr and popped her on the potty to finish it off, cheer, clap, wipe poo off pottry and put pants in nappy bucket. Thing is, do I start officially pants-not-nappies day tomorrow, and if so, what do I do about going out to toddler group etc. Should I give in to her refusing nappies, or try and get her to wait until she can tell me when a poo is coming? I think she knows, she just never says, but we can usualy tell by her wiggly bottom.

Elasticwoman Wed 09-Jul-08 21:52:43

I would go with her enthusiasm for potty training when you are at home, but put her in a nappy whenever you go out. If she says no nappy, say no toddler group and just stay at home. There's no law saying toddlers have to go to it. It might be worth it to stay at home a few days and get the potty training going, or she may allow you to put a nappy on her for the sake of going out. Either way, you're onto a winner.

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