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First wee wee in teh potty!

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hayleylou Wed 02-Feb-05 13:41:39

My ds has just done his first wee wee, but afterwards he went mad screaming and crying.... is this normal. DS is 2 yrs old.

Lucycat Wed 02-Feb-05 14:02:55

Was he upset because it was HIS wee and he didn't want you to throw it down the toilet? Is he just 2 or older?

hayleylou Wed 02-Feb-05 14:04:14

When he got off the potty!! it took about 10 minutes to settle him. He was 2 last December.

Lucycat Thu 10-Feb-05 12:59:18

How's the potty training going? hayleylou?

hayleylou Thu 10-Feb-05 13:04:14

To be honest I have given up as I don't think he was quite ready..... we had lots of accidents the day after. He is still sitting on potting when I change his nappy and in the evenings when dh is home as it is easier with dd as well. He will sit on the potty but I always remind him and I have to sit down with him. I am finding it difficult on my own as dd (7 months) need my attention as well. I think I am doing the right thing???

Lucycat Thu 10-Feb-05 13:09:31

Absolutely, it's difficult enough when they ARE ready to be trained and you don't want to traumatise him with the scary potty!! Leave it until the summer when clothes dry quickly and he doesn't have to wear too many!! My dd2 will be 2 in May so we have to do all this again, then again she's VERY interested in the toilet - or at least pretending to wipe her 'bits' and put the paper in the toilet!!

hayleylou Thu 10-Feb-05 13:14:22

Message withdrawn

scotlou Thu 10-Feb-05 13:56:22

What's the potty book called? Think my dd would like it - I really need to think about starting potty training her soon!

hayleylou Thu 10-Feb-05 14:06:53

It is called "Once Upon a Potty" there is a girl and a boy version, the book is by Alona Frankel. I got this from hope this link works... there is also a few more whic is fantastic. Hope this helps!

hayleylou Thu 10-Feb-05 14:07:21

no did not not work so copy and paste this link

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