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Help 4.5 boy wetting at Nursery

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Enchanted Tue 01-Feb-05 22:32:02

My DS 4.5 is still wettig himself at nursery. Not every day but quite frequently. Some days he does it twice, some days he poos too.
I have had so many chats with him about it eg: do what your body tels you etc, he then tells me his body only whispered and he didn't hear it.
It seems that he gets very busy and hangs on too long, I've witnessed that at home. The nursery are very patient and I am not at all concerned that it may be something to do with them.
He starts school in April and I am worried about how they would handle such a situation.
He has been out of nappies at night since new year and was doing well but at the moment he has more wet than dry nights. What time should I stop drinks from? He does well in all other aeas and is a happy little boy but he just doesn't seem to be able to master the loo.

MamaMaiasaura Tue 01-Feb-05 23:11:31

HI enchanted. My ds is a little older than yours but i will try and offer some advice (might be complete rubbish, but i will try )

1. Does ur ds wet at home? If no, does nursery make it easily accesable for him and take him to loo?

2.Also has he ever been fully daytime dry? If yes to this one has anything changed for him?

3. Regarding night time dryness, i wouldnt worry about this area to much, ds (5 on feb 11) has only been out of pul up for about 3 months. My oldests sisters ds was wet for longer i believe.

4. Have you spoken to health visitor or nhs direct?

5. If this is a new thing could he have a wee infection?

He is still very young and my ds, although wasnt completely dry when starting school, did seem to be be more frequently wet for a time at night following starting school. Basically ds led when he came out of pull ups and once dry in them i bought him david beckham pants to wear at night

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