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Is there a second hand market in wool wraps? I have some to sell...

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sushistar Mon 07-Jul-08 13:06:08

I have a stack of 8 wool wraps - looks like at least 3 different sizes - given to me by a friend. I'm not going to use them (I'm sticking with mother-ease!) but I'd love to sell them, or failing that give them, to someone who would. They are unbleached wool, feel really good quality, but some are a bit discoloured. Can I wash them? Or will it ruin the waterproofing on them? And d'you reckon I could sell them? Or is there not really a market for 2nd hand wool wraps? How much should I ask for them?

Nappy gurus, come help me!

JoyS Mon 07-Jul-08 15:05:32

What brand are they? You should give them a try yourself, wool is great for nighttimes.

They need to be washed with wool shampoo and treated with lanolin to keep them waterproof. Detailed instructions here It's not as tricky as it sounds and only needs to be done once a month or so.

You'll probably be able to sell them quite easily. Presumably your friend washed them before she gave them to you, I would just leave them, the buyer will want to wash and lanolize them anyway.

Hard to say how much without knowing what they are!

sushistar Mon 07-Jul-08 15:15:24


sushistar Mon 07-Jul-08 15:19:42

x posts Joy, thanks!
Umm, make... they're all German (as is my friend!). One is 'disona', the others just say 'pure wool' (in German, obviously).
I guess my friend washed them, they smell clean, but some have quite a lot of marks and discolouration on them...

I can't face handwashing alongside all the nappies I already wash!!

JoyS Mon 07-Jul-08 17:07:39

Are they wraps with snaps/velcro or pull-ons? Are they like knitted jumpers or more like a wool coat? I have the disana one myself, it is great at night but it does start to look manky quite quickly, esp when my 2yo insists on wearing it round the house because it is so comfortable.

Try putting them on or here for about £5 each, someone interested in trying wool will want them at that price.

Seriously though, when your DC turns into the world's heaviest wetter at 6mos or so you will love them!

sushistar Tue 08-Jul-08 01:31:24

They're all pull ons, knitted like a jumper but good and thick - they feel really good quality. The other 7 are a bit higher waisted than the disana. You don't think the discolouration will put people off?

Hmm, I do have leakage issues at night - but honsestly, hand washing nappies? My life is too full already! Seriously, you're an eco-goddess!!

JoyS Tue 08-Jul-08 08:34:40

Go on, give it a try! I wash about once a month, all you need is a bit of nipple cream and some baby shampoo. Only takes 5 mins all in and the lanolin makes your hands soft.

Definitely not an eco goddess, more like an eco slob but once you use wool you never want to use anything else! No leaks, no red marks, no rash...

sushistar Thu 10-Jul-08 00:51:28

So what - wash them in the baby shampoo, rub nipple cream on (seriously?? Any nipple cream??) and they're waterproof? I heard the seeped through a bit...

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