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Help! Potty training dd is causing rows between dh and myself

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galaxy Mon 31-Jan-05 13:06:40

We started potty training dd (2.3) when in the house a few weeks ago and she's been doing quite well.

Anyway, I've carried on putting her in pull ups when we go out but on Friday, my sister, who minds her, said she's put her in knickers and left them on when they went out and about. No accidents and she was pulling her pants down and going to sit on the potty.

Excellent you think?

dh and I went to pick her up on Friday in his car and sis told us this and suggested we take her home in knickers so as no to give a mixed message. dh was adament that she was to wear a nappy in case she wet herself. We argued for a bit and I just ignored him, sat her on a towel and a nappy in the car seat and she was fine.

Anyway, he is still smarting about the fact that I ignored his wishes and is now saying that until she is fully trained, she either wears a pull up or I have to take her in the morning in my car.

Admittedky, yesterday, she weed our bed (oops) but I think she's ready and he agrees but can't cope with the thought of her weeing in his precious car.

Who's right or should I compromise?

oatcake Mon 31-Jan-05 13:09:01

a man and his car...

I think you know who's in the right...! And it isn't dh...

HeyEnidYouveLostWeight Mon 31-Jan-05 13:09:53

Well, it is his car and fair enough, he doesn't want it to smell of wee. My advice would be to carry on with the training and get one of these for dh's car, you could always wrap it nicely and present it to him

scotlou Mon 31-Jan-05 13:12:07

Personally, I think she would be less confused if you stoped nappies all the time (during the day!) all advice I've been given is that they pick it up quicker if you keep them in pants. I used to keep a packet of disposable changing mats and put one on top of the car seat for ds when he was small. Anyway, child seat covers wash easily.

jamiesam Mon 31-Jan-05 13:12:19

I think I'd be inclined to agree that you'll be giving mixed messages.

Try talking to him about how long it is/has been between her doing a wee and having an accident. Surely if he knows that she's just been given the chance to do a wee on the potty before she gets in his precious car, he can trust her not to have an accident (within reason)

Alternatively, tell him that he'll be teaching her that it's OK to wee in Daddy's car - that will in effect be the message to her, surely. So in the future, when she is considered to be fully trained, and is in his car, and is a little sleepy and off guard - oops, accident!

galaxy Mon 31-Jan-05 13:21:07

Thank you for telling me what I already knew - I'm right - he's wrong

I think he was more annoyed coz he felt ganged up on and I just went along with it as it was suggested without any discussion.

I did ask him if he remembered how they trained his ds (my step-son) who's now 12 and he said he had a "crappy" car then so it wasn't an issue!

I have to admit his car is lovely but he's got leather seats so they'll wipe clean easily and anyway, It'll be the car seat that takes the hit.

Thanks for the link to the Piddle Pad Enid- that looks great so will order one for each of our cars.

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