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Eco disposables

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LittleB Thu 27-Jan-05 12:29:30

Our first baby is due in May and me and dp want to use reusable nappies - I am probably buying some Motherease from a friend, who hardly used them for various reasons. I've been told that its a very good idea to use disposables for the first few weeks, while I get used to being a mum and baby has horrible nappies and is too tiny for motherease. What disposables do people recommend? Is it better to have compostable ones, recycled ones, ones made using less chemicals - would like to do all of these if poss - without spending too much, and how many should I get - will probably need to order on the internet as I live in a rural area. Any recommendations would be good.

pesme Thu 27-Jan-05 12:34:13

Hi littleb

Personally i used motherease pretty much from the start. DD was fairly skinny but they do fold down pretty small. i also used straight forward terrys folded up oragami style. you can get packs of terrys really cheap. At night I used Moltex. they are compostable. I got them from little green earthlets on the internet.

Good luck.

Marina Thu 27-Jan-05 12:34:18

The last time I checked these out Moltex had the edge on Nature Boy and Girl because of the manufacturing process.

dramaqueen72 Thu 27-Jan-05 12:51:59

i use moltex (avialable from beaming and cant praise them enough. I love 'em! they are not expensive compared to 'high street' nappies, they come in great big boxes right to your door, they are SO absorbent you will never trust a huggies or similar again. they are also very kind to skin as have no chemicals in to bleach them, or nasty gel stuff. my dd is now 19mths and still finding they make great fitting ones. i think they fit all your requirements. also try welda (think thats how you spell it...)nappy cream, nice and safe things in it, and the very best at keeping nappy rash away/curing nappy rash, from the same site.
hope that helps!

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