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I am in LOVE with my bumble!

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lunavix Thu 27-Jan-05 10:03:28

I just got one of the limited edition pastel blue bumbles, and its GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!

It has this lovely soft cream fleecy lining too... oh I could go on and on!!!!

cat82 Thu 27-Jan-05 10:12:35

Lunavix i feel as though i've missed something exciting here! What is a bumble?!

lunavix Thu 27-Jan-05 10:16:03

It's a cloth nappy

And it is beautiful

misdee Thu 27-Jan-05 10:17:13


i am still in love with my tots bots 18months on. they are well used, and have this urge to replace them but dd2 is potty training.

cat82 Thu 27-Jan-05 10:19:04

Ahhhhhh i see

Sounds lovely!

lunavix Thu 27-Jan-05 10:20:45

I've just got some totsbots and I don't know yet if they are better than the bumble BUT the bumble is most definately cuter....

It's so so so lovely...

lunavix Thu 27-Jan-05 19:33:55

Does anyone know where I can get some really cute wraps? I've seen a few okay ones, but it's just such a shame to hide this nappy...

pootlepod Thu 27-Jan-05 19:38:53

I know what you mean about hiding nappies, I wish you could buy transparent wraps!

lunavix Thu 27-Jan-05 19:51:27


There are one or two cute wraps (totsbots blue and pink spotty one springs to mind) but they are few and far between

pootlepod Thu 27-Jan-05 20:00:53

If you quite like fleece/PUL wraps, you could get some designed and made for you-pitter patter/minki springs to mind?

lunavix Thu 27-Jan-05 20:04:11

It's not a bad idea

although to be honest lots of the fleeces they use I'm no so keen on.

pootlepod Thu 27-Jan-05 20:15:43

Just tried to search for transparent PUL. Was going to make my million by making the said wraps!
Why don't you like the fleece? Pitterpatter made me a lovely wrap, thick fleece and PUL. The other things that spring to mind are some WAHM like the wool ones??

lunavix Thu 27-Jan-05 20:16:22

Oh I don't mind fleece just most of the patterned ones I just don't feel are as cute as the nappies underneath!

pootlepod Thu 27-Jan-05 20:19:21

No, I can understand that. DD will hopefully be toddling this summer and I can't wait for her to go wrap-less and have a lovely fluffy bum.
The tots spotty wraps are very nice, have one in each colour!

lunavix Thu 27-Jan-05 20:22:31

It's great you can put dd's in blue, think everyone would look at me odd if i put ds in pink...

Still tempted to get one in wishful thinking of a girl next!

pootlepod Thu 27-Jan-05 20:24:18

But at least you would get them looking at the nappy LOL!

Bear Behinds do cool wraps for boys.

Socci Thu 27-Jan-05 21:05:44

Message withdrawn

lunavix Thu 27-Jan-05 21:07:55

I really don't like bear behinds Too furry!

misdee Thu 27-Jan-05 21:20:08

socci, my red wrap leaks as well. the polka bots one doesnt tho. very odd.

lunavix Thu 27-Jan-05 21:22:55

Ooh I'm hoping to get the polka one - good advice! The red is just too - red - for me if that makes any sense

Maisiemog Tue 15-Feb-05 21:21:04

I just wanted to add to the cute covered nappy discussion. I don't have that problem personally, as I use prefolds and the covers are much cuter than the nappies. However, poor old bumbums (ds) has got a bit of nappy rash and I've put him into a woollen wrap (as mentioned by Pootlepod). I bought it from ebay, and it's absolutely gorgeous. It seems pretty waterproof and has a drawstring waist with ribbed legs - I think it's a homemade one.
There are loads of knitting instructions on the Internet for making them, if you knit.

misdee Tue 15-Feb-05 21:22:03

i'd love to try wool wrpas, but my kids are allergic to lanolin

Yorkiegirl Tue 15-Feb-05 21:33:40

Message withdrawn

misdee Tue 15-Feb-05 21:34:47

u nappy show off!!

Yorkiegirl Tue 15-Feb-05 21:58:16

Message withdrawn

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