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Yipeee so proud of issy

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googoo Tue 25-Jan-05 11:01:01

issy (3 in april) has been resisting all efforts at me to get her to be a big girl, she still insists she is the bebe,

potty training was a complete no no

She got up this morning and asked for her boohbah pants which were in the wash, so chose some of her sisters princess pants,

the asked 10 mins ago to do a poo, went on the toilet and had a poo and wee,

im so proud and she was really happy too, especially as she got a choc,

i thought i would never get her dry, i know its just the first step but its one she has been resisting for a long time,

yippeeee no more nappies soon and i'll actually get to use my buppy pads too lol.

Mothernature Tue 25-Jan-05 11:02:53

well done issy - they seem to know when they are ready...go issy go..

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