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Advice please?! Just started PT...

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curlydolly Mon 24-Jan-05 14:16:47

I started trying to pt my dd 2.5 today after buying special pants etc which she seemed keen to wear. I have done nothing so far today except mop up wee EVERYWHERE - and a poo on the stairs which unnerved my cat a bit! I am not having much success with getting her to sit on the potty for more than 30 secs - I have tried sweets, books, tv.... I have also tried the toilet but no luck there either. She isn't giving me any indication when she wants to go so I am wondering if she is ready. I did catch her mid stream and managed to get her to finish it off in the potty which she was quite pleased about. Is this normal behaviour on the first day? Maybe I am being expecting too much. I am prepared to stick this out for a few days - do I keep trying to 'catch' it or what? Also if I need to go out will it set her back if I put a nappy or pull up on her? Any advice much appreciated!

Lucycat Mon 24-Jan-05 14:20:27

Lots of luck, though if she's not really interested then she may not be ready! My DD1 used to go in the corner of the room to have a wee (delightful!) after 4 wees a day and numerous pairs of pants we put it back for a couple of weeks and then tried again. When she was ready and it takes lots of tries to get the time right, she was dry in a week. My advice, try to leave it until the summer when the clothes dry more quickly and she can wear skirts with no tights!!

curlydolly Mon 24-Jan-05 16:42:19

Thanks Lucycat - I am wondering about calling it a day as I have not yet had any luck. She has done several 'proper' wees but each time just standing in the middle of the room, which looks almost deliberate to me. I have given up on pants as fast running out but I think she has quite enjoyed being bare bum for a day! Maybe I should wait a couple of weeks and try again.

piffle Mon 24-Jan-05 16:56:17

I think if she is giving you no indication of wanting to go then it might pay to leave it a while
I'm a big believer in the longer you leave it the less hassle it is
I also reckon traiing straight onto loo is easier in long run
ds was 30 mths when I trained him and he was literally begging to go on the loo and was dry day and night within 2 weeks and never wet the bed or had an accident
dd now is 27 mths and watches me go to the loo, sits there happily with bare bum and is just getting used to it, but she asks to do this! She tells me if she needs to wee in the bath and I put her on the loo but thats as far as we have got, I'm in no hurry its summer soon and no knickers is no problem!

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