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Which wrap? Need to buy online tonight...

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Hayls Fri 21-Jan-05 17:26:59

Dd is almost a year and has used MOtherease ONesize until recently, when we were away over Christmas and our washing machine broke down and we had to use disposables. THe wraps she had before were the large (I think) ME ones and they don't fit her any more so I'd really like to get some more ASAP. I wasn't that happy with them anyway so any recommendations for others would be much appreciated. I'd also like to be able to buy them online tonight. DD is about 23 lbs and very tall and skinny if that helps with any advice!

So what and where to buy?

vickyD Fri 21-Jan-05 17:47:01

I rekon your dd is probably in a medium motherease wrap rather than a large if he's outgrowing it. The weight guide on the large motherease wraps is 20-35lbs, and the XL is 35lbs plus, so may never be needed, unless he gets huge, or is late potty training, or may just be needed at night. I personally have always loved motherease wrap, either the velcro (Rikki) or poppered (Air Flow Rikka), and use them over MEOS nappies, so I'm afraid that would be my first recommendation! I also like the One Life wraps which are virtually identical to the Motherease wraps.

merglemergle Fri 21-Jan-05 18:00:20

Actually we had a similar problem with the mediums at about a year. Ds then got a bit skinnier and grew a bit and is only now needing the large size.

Email the nappy lady though-she's great!

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