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Major problems with PT 3+ year old - help needed please!

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Millie1 Thu 20-Jan-05 20:03:05

Oh Lordy, where to start!!
Okay, having real issues trying to get DS1 PT'd. He's 3y 3 mths now so should be well ready for it. We tried about 3 times last year but gave up when it became apparent he had no interest. Last Thursday when I asked him 'pants or nappy' he said he wanted to wear pants, usually he says nappy.

So he went Thursday through to Sunday with only 2 pee accidents and 1 poo accident and 1 poo in potty - so absolutely brilliant. He did have to be reminded to go and never volunteered the fact that he needed to go - but he went. We had some issues on Sunday with him insisting he didn't need to go when he did and getting really upset if we tried to pressure him.

Monday he went to nursery and playschool (is out from 9am til 2pm) and didn't go at all whilst there even though the girls kept asking him and took him to the loo too. Oh, he did actually towards the end but unfortunately it was a toddler toilet which he isn't used to and he wasn't 'tucked in' properly and he got a bit wet.

From that point on, trying to get him to go is a major exercise. He fights it all the way and does only tiny pees - sometimes I think he's holding some back. The number of accidents hasn't gone through the roof or anything but he is drinking v v little - and he doesn't drink much at the best of times.

Yesterday, at playschool and nursery we had the same thing with him refusing to go but this time he told the girls he needed to but changed his mind when he got to the toilets. They didn't pressure him for fear of upsetting him. When I got there he was hopping from foot to foot so I took him to toilet and tried to lift him on at which point he got hysterical. Turns out he's 'scared' of their, unfamiliar, toilets.

Got him a potty and he went but unfortunately it wasn't high fronted and he splashed the floor which I didn't comment on but he obviously noticed cos he keeps telling me about it and how he can't use the potty (or toilet) incase he soaks everywhere.

Today has been a major battle - I offered him nappies but he says he's a big boy now and wants to wear pants but what on earth can I do - bribes have ceased to work. We had an accident at dinner cos he wouldn't go for me beforehand. He hasn't pooed since tuesday which is most unusual for him.

Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks and sorry its so long

Furball Thu 20-Jan-05 20:14:13

How about getting him a potty chair? Worked well for my DS, as not so low to the ground as a potty and this one has a 'pee guard' as well, which might give him more confidence.

Millie1 Thu 20-Jan-05 22:07:23

Thanks for that suggestion Furball ... looks great but tbh not sure that it would offer more splash protection than his own (Baby Bjorn) which has a good high front. Think it's more to do with confidence issues and not sure how to tackle.

collision Thu 20-Jan-05 22:13:18

TBH I would go cold turkey on him and not offer him pants or nappy .....just presume it is pants. At his age I think he will understand what is going on and maybe he needs to feel the wee if he wets himself. (I know this sounds awful but it could work.) He would also understand a star chart ie 5 wees in a potty and he gets a colouring book or 3 poos in the loo and he gets some stickers etc etc He is probably a bit scared of the whole thing and I wouldnt nag him about weeing.....just take him automatically and let him see you going for a wee too. Try and make him drink more and give him some dried fruit and orange juice so he can poo as well. HTH

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