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Eco-friendly disposables - any recommendations?

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KerryJ Tue 18-Jan-05 20:51:43

Hi All,

I am pregnant and due at the end of March. Used cloth with my ds from about 8 months (wish I had started using them earler though!!) so the nappies I have (Motherease Sandy's) will def. be too big for a newborn. I am therefore going to need to invest in some in a smaller size, but for at least the first couple of weeks plan to use eco-friendly disposables.

Does anyone have any recommendations of brands / websites I can visit to order some? Teso's used to sell Nature Baby disposables but seem to have stopped!

Any help would be greatly appreciated


lockets Tue 18-Jan-05 21:00:40

Message withdrawn

shrub Tue 18-Jan-05 21:05:26

another moltex fan - found better absorbancy than nature boy and girl and very good fit - they don't use any bleach in the making of them either. i get mine from 'spirit of nature'. they do have a website you could google.

bea Wed 19-Jan-05 20:12:10

another vote for moltex!!! i'm a part time clothie user (Fuzzis) so use moltex when we need sposies... i get them from
Naturebotts cheapest on the web if you buy in bulk... and very nice they are too, on the phone...

Gem13 Wed 19-Jan-05 20:19:58

Moltex are great but why not use cloth from the start? DS and DD went into cloth straight away and it was fine.

Must confess to having a very helpful DH though and with 2 in nappies the y produce (and still do!) quite a bit of washing.

samwifewithkid Thu 20-Jan-05 20:42:09

I have used Moltex too! Great disposable nappies, much better than nature boy/girl. I think it is easier to get your head around the initial transition of having a baby if you use eco disposables for the first couple of weeks. Once you feel happy then you can start with washables. Thats what I did with dd1 and I am about to do the same when I have dd2 in March.

bonym Thu 20-Jan-05 21:35:25

I've also been recommended Moltex by a friend and will try them when baby arrives! KerryJ - to go off at a tangent - why aren't you on our March thread?? You'd be very welcome - I'm also due at the end of March

bonym Thu 20-Jan-05 21:36:10

And you samwifewith kid!

louisse28 Thu 20-Jan-05 22:37:56

I have used Little Green Earthlets nappies 'Mother Ease' since my boy was born, he is now 21 months and they are wonderful.
They have poppers to do them up and a waterproof cover over the top to keep the clothes dry. You have a disposable paper lining for the poop, which you can chuck down the loo. We put the wet nappies in a nappy pail with tea trea oil, and only do a wash every 2 days. When he was born we did a couple a day, as he got through about ten nappies.
I CANNOT rave about them enough.
Cost about £250-300 for a set, and about a tenner for a roll of disposable paper...

louisse28 Thu 20-Jan-05 22:38:54

oops, you wanted to know about disposables, sorry I only saw the word nappy... sorry I can't help there...

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