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Plastic Pants

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tutyfruity Tue 27-May-08 15:44:59

Am I the only mum using traditional plastic pants over their DC nappies? I suppose I inherited this from my mum, who used them on me, and bought me some waterproof pants from Boots when DS1 was born. Everyone I speak to talks about new fangled "wraps" being better for baby, but to be honest I have'nt found any yet that are completely leak proof. DS1 was 4 last month, and is still in night nappies, and is a very heavy wetter. I put two terry nappies on him at night, one kite folded, and another one pad folded on top to boost it, with pull on plastic pants over the top of all that. It's a bit bulky, but I've never had any leaks. Friends keep telling me that plastic pants are hot and sweaty, and cause nappy rash, but to be honest, I have'nt had any problems to date, so intend to stick with what I think works for me and DS. Being new to mumsnet, I'd just be interested to know if there's anyone else out there doing the same as me?

tutyfruity Tue 27-May-08 19:06:12

Is there nobody out there?

Jane99Thomas Tue 27-May-08 19:30:26

I use a wool wrap for nightime (my DS is 11 months old so probably hasnt got to the very heavy wetting stage yet). I dont have any leaks.

CatWithKittens Wed 28-May-08 10:24:11

We use plastic pants on all four of ours and always have done. DS1 (to be 6 in October) still has a night nappy and I have just asked him if he finds the pants hot and he said, very sensibly I thought, that clothes are meant to keep you warm but they didn't make him too hot because the nappy was touching him not the pants. He has previously said that disposables do make him hot and yucky when we have tried them on holiday. We went to Cyprus to stay with friends last year at a hot time of the year and even then he did not complain and nor did DD1 who is quite prone to let us know about anything uncomfortable. By the way, tutyfruity, have you tried the larger size of Terry? You can get them in 67 and 75 cm sizes - I think there are even 90cm ones too. The advantage I have found is that they are easier to fold to get enough nappy at the sides (DS1 sleeps on his side a lot) and the towelling seems thicker than on most baby sized ones. They are sold as Toddler or Overnight and several websellers have them though we got ours direct from Kosicare at a very reasonable price.

tutyfruity Wed 28-May-08 11:33:35

Thanks CatW. I was beginning to wonder where I could get some larger size terry nappies, because DS1 is starting to outgrow the ones I have. Boots used to sell toddler night time nappies, and larger size nappy pins, but don't do them anymore. I imagine larger size nappies don't need so much boosting depending on the type of fold. As a matter of interest, do you have a particular nappy fold that you find works best? I think one problem I'm going to have is finding larger size plastic pants.

MrsBadger Wed 28-May-08 11:40:26

if you scroll down this page to the Bummis Whisper Pants the largest size is up to 40lb and they're only £3 - bargain!

tutyfruity Wed 28-May-08 13:43:12

Thanks MrsB. They certainly look good value and also quality. Any ideas where I can get larger size terry nappies? I've tried looking for Kosicare mentioned by CatW, but can't find it anywhere on the web.

Boomally Wed 28-May-08 13:50:54

I've never had any problems using plastic pants on my DC, it's a question of changing nappies regularly. It goes without saying, if you leave a DC in a wet or dirty nappy for a long period of time, they are bound to get hot and sweaty, and possible develop nappy rash.

jeanybeeny Wed 28-May-08 16:43:47

I can recommend the Bummis Whisper pants. They're not only good quality, but very lightweight, and nice and roomy to put on over the bulkiest of nappies.

Wendels Wed 28-May-08 18:47:08

Hi tutyfruity and CatWithKittens, It's lovely to see I'm not the only mum with older DC's still in Terries and plastic pants. I have DD1 6.5 and DS 4 both still in Terries and plastic pants (or rubbers, like I had when I was a DC).

CatWithKittens Thu 29-May-08 00:19:13

I have not got a website address but the phone number I have dug out for Kosikare is 01942323868. HTH. I think Twinkleontheweb also has larger nappies which a friend told me are good quality too at about GBP4 per nappy.

tutyfruity Thu 29-May-08 11:02:00

Thanks again CatW. I'll give them a go. Wendels:- it's a bit of a silly question, but I assume your DC are just in nappies at night, and not also during the day? Although it is nice to know I'm not the only one still using terry nappies and plastic pants, the most reassuring thing about this thread, is that there appears to be loads of parents with DC still in night nappies well past the age of 4. I was beginning to worry about DS1 who was 4 last month, but it seems I have plenty of time on my side to get him night trained. I'm not going to push him though.

Wendels Thu 29-May-08 17:49:46

tutyfruity is there any way I can email you?

Sunfield Thu 29-May-08 21:24:38

Am I alone in detecting a bit of a nappy / plastic pant fetish here ?

CatWithKittens Thu 29-May-08 22:34:44

You have the advantage of me, Sunfield, what do you mean? You've got me worried I thought I knew about some odd things but I can't see how anybody could have a fetish about nappies and, if they do, how do you recognise it?

CatWithKittens Sun 01-Jun-08 20:27:33

Please enlighten me - Im feeling very ignorant and DH can't help either!

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