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How do you begin to potty train?

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alwayssaythanku Tue 18-Jan-05 00:06:04

DS is 24 months next month. What should I do to start the rollercoaster rolling? I have a potty but he likes to put his hands in everything and i am afraid as soon as he wees in it, it will be everywhere. I suppose, par for the course.
Any hints?

Fran1 Tue 18-Jan-05 00:13:25

You need to stay nearby to stop it getting everywhere! i made the mistake of leaving dd for a second to find her emptying the contents onto the carpet!

Basically, encourage him to sit on potty as much as he likes. I keep one potty upstairs and one downstairs, and it is often sitting in my living room as a reminder to dd. (i know not hygenic, but neither is wee on carpet!)

After doing a couple of "accidental" wees on potty you can start leaving him for periods with no nappy on and watch for signs that hes about to go, and encourage to sit on potty. Even if he wees on the floor (which is most likely) at least you can explain to him that thats what he should have done in the potty, so he knows.

Let him lead the way, never get cross if he has accidents, and scream and whoop with joy everytime he succeeds to go in potty so he knows hes very clever.

Good luck! but don't be worried if hes not showing signs of understanding yet, many children don't get trained until they are closer to three.

alwayssaythanku Tue 18-Jan-05 00:25:34

Thanks for the tips. I have a wood floor so pee will just fall through the cracks!

hippi Tue 18-Jan-05 13:59:48

Hi my dd turns 24 months beginning of next month, and have been potty training since just after xmas. Try sitting your ds on the potty with a nappy on. Then try without a nappy while he's watching his favourite programs. Reward him if he does a wee or pooh. We give my dd a lollipop, we let her run around with no nappy and she sits on her potty by herself and then comes to us if we're not in the room asking for a lililop. The other day I said to her 'No lollipop until you've done a wee in your potty' so she got hold of my hand and walked me to the potty where she had done a wee. Now all I have to do is convince her to pooh it her potty as well. It's going to take time. Just let him have fun with the empty potty to start of with so it's not new to him. My dd started to take off her own nappy and told us when she was doing a wee before we started to train her. Somedays though she refuses to use the potty and runs around bare bum but when she needs to wee will ask for a nappy. So just go with the flow, try to make it fun and give him an incentive! If on your potty training journey you pick up any useful tips pass them my way!

Fran1 Tue 18-Jan-05 15:51:27

Thats tricky, i have floorboards upstairs and she has weeed on them twice and i just cleaned it up as best i can.

You don't really have a lot of choice though, whether you do it now or later, there will be accidents!!

I spose the summer would help and you can let the accidents happen in the garden!!

samwifewithkid Tue 18-Jan-05 20:31:40

to be honest I have found it easier to PT dd now in the winter. Because we dont go out so much when its wet and cold. Obviously its harder to dry clothes in the winter, but a lot of people have tumble driers these days. I started and stopped straight away from the age of just b4 2 trying to train my dd. If she wasn't getting it straight away i waited a few weeks and started again. I left her a bit longer last time as I wanted to use "after xmas" as a definate goal to achieve success. She is 2 1/2 and it has taken me a week. Staying indoors and using a sticker chart and some dry fruit chunks and yogurt coated raisins in a "special treat pot" and she clicked within a couple of days. They need a bit of bribery and corruption and reminding and a bit of luck and good timing also helps. Good luck, you will know with your instincts if they are ready or not, this time I knew. I prefer the starting slightly later method and having less accidents, it worked for me, but everyone is different. Just go for it!

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