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Cotton Bottoms and boys' trousers

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AnnaK Thu 13-Jan-05 19:47:51

I love my Cotton Bottoms nappies but am struggling to find trousers to go over them. I don't really want ds to go around in scruffy jogging bottoms all the time. Can anyone advise on 'large bottomed' trousers? Thanks.

Gem13 Thu 13-Jan-05 20:04:25

You don't say how old your DS is. Mine is 2.5 and always been on the 99th centile for height, and similar for weight so I've have had lots of problems. I will be starting potty training soon so hopefully we can get over this problem but there are a few I've found good.

Boden baggies are great. Their other trousers - jeans, cargo trousers are hopeless but their 3/4 length ones can fit although usually in the next age up. George are usually pretty good too. Ladybird can be good.

GAP are useless as were Hennes after the first year. His one pair of Monsoon fitted well and in the right age, and I've had some nice Petit Bateau shorts but they are age 4 and he was wearing them when he was just 2.


scampadoodle Thu 13-Jan-05 20:11:56

DS2 is in cotton bottoms & I too love them but have the same problem. He's 7m & not small. I've just bought 2 pairs of jeans - M&S & Peacocks - in size 12-18 months & they fit fine. DS2 is quite long though, so I just have to do a small turn-up.
Oh, & dungarees in his normal size are good too.

bensmum3 Fri 14-Jan-05 10:08:14

Hi, my ds aged 18 months wears dungarees most of the time, we also managed to get a pair of boden baggies in the sale which fit well over his cloth bottom.There are also a couple of wahms that make clothes to fit over cloth.

mcmudda Fri 14-Jan-05 10:33:19

AnnaK - my ds is in Totsbots which are bulky (but fab!).

The best trousers he's had have been dungarees from John Lewis in a kind of tracksuity fabric - this was last year around his 1st birthday. They lasted for ages and were nice and stretchy.

More recently, now he's older i've found Pumpkin Patch to be excellent. If you don't live near a shop they should do mail order either from their site or by phoning a shop directly. They do elasticated and adjustable waistbands which are great - and the choice of boys' clothes is very good too.

I've noticed a few specialist companies advertising in the back of baby magazines which do clothing specifically for cloth bottomed babies, but I can't think of the name. They are out there though!

Amaryllis Sat 15-Jan-05 14:09:45

I've had several pairs from clothes for clothies - they have some custom made stuff, some eco friendly's a really nice selection of stuff


AnnaK Wed 19-Jan-05 09:04:11

Fab, ds will look smart. Thanks everyone.

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