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weed on the potty for the first time - shall I switch him to pants

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wholeaves Wed 12-Jan-05 10:02:45

DS1 (2) weed on the potty today for the first time (he has pood on it before) he seems to know when he needs to go, so I was thinking off ditching nappies and moving him to pants, I know there will be some accidents but want to know if anyone else has done this - don't want to offend anyone but I think trainer pants encourage them to carry on as if in a nappy - cos they are!

sozie Wed 12-Jan-05 10:20:12

Try him in pants and just keep reminding him to use the potty and see how he goes over a few days. My ds was going great till yesterday when we were awash with wee so you are right to expect accidents and perhaps a little progress and then a little regression. I do use trainer pants when going out just in case there is no toilet near by but as ds is used to proper pants he still asks to go to the toilet and pulls them down. It just saves bringing a pile of clothes with me. As the weather warms up I'll stop that.

bensmum3 Wed 12-Jan-05 21:16:15

Hi, I agree with wholeaves, when ds1 was potty training we even had to leave off cotton pants as he still thought he could wee in them, if he just wore shorts he was fine, ( we did do it in the summer though).

Piffle Wed 12-Jan-05 21:23:19

I preferred to leave it until ds could tell me when he ws about to do it.
He was about 32 mths when I finaly submitted to his desperate request to be allowed to ditch the nappy, but he was dry day and night within 2 weeks.
DD now however since 23 mths is obsessed with toilets and sitting on them...
It seems to be true about girls been quicker and boys dithering!

mummylonglegs Wed 12-Jan-05 21:33:11

I don't want to be a party pooper (potty pooper?) but my dd did just this at aged 2. She turned out to be great at weeing and pooing on the potty so long as I put her on it or she was wandering around nude from the waist down. But any kind of clothing and no reminders from me just saw her constantly wet. I think what happened was that she was psychologically ready but physically she just never got the urge to go in time to tell me or get to a potty. I know some people have potty trained at 2 or even younger but I personally think waiting until 2.5 is a good idea. In the meantime why don't you let him use the potty in a lighter way, i.e. take off his nappy when you're at home for an hour in the morning, after nap, before bed, and just follow his lead.

finleysmum Sat 15-Jan-05 00:52:26

My son wee'd on the potty quite a few times before i decided to train him!.I let him choose for about a month and then went the whole hog!.He was dry day and night within a week and until 2 days ago he hasn't wet the bed.He is 2 and 5 months now and looks soooooooocute in his tiny underpants.My only problem is when i take him out he waits until the last minute to say he needs a wee and then i have a mad rush to find a loo for him (portable potty failed!).

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