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sorry poo question... desparate

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blossom2 Mon 10-Jan-05 12:22:51

DD is 2 yrs and 10 months. she is very close to being trained during the day and with her wees. (i,e, will sit on the potty/toilet happily, needs prompting but no accidents unless really tired).

However poos are another issue. she generally has 2 a day and does them when she's alseep (afternoon nap & after bedtime). she has learnt to feel uncomfortable when she does a poo and wont go to sleep or will wake up, but just doesn't tell us. So we think she's just refusing to sleep unless we ask her.

we've got potty books, potty by her bed, and tried everything (even the nappy over the potty, gettign her sit on the potty and talking/reading until she poos and nothing has worked.

Can someone tell me why this is happening ?? is it biological or just DD being annoying ...

mumsyof4 Wed 09-Mar-05 11:18:08

Hello Sorry no answers here but am suffering like you 2. my DD is the same age and we are also reliably dry for wees but we poop in our nicks.Tried bribary but hasnt worked.I dont think she nos she going till its too late.Im prying time will help.

gingernut Wed 09-Mar-05 11:33:14

Same here with ds1. Nursery tell me it's common and getting poos in the potty/loo often takes a couple of months longer than getting the wees right. Aaargh!

mumsyof4 Wed 09-Mar-05 11:37:38

Dont know about aaargh! Im pulling my hair out and she thinks its sooo funny.

huggybear Wed 09-Mar-05 11:45:02

When we trained ds1 he would wee in the potty fine but used to poo on the floor!!!!!

it took him a while to get the hang of it but it happened in the end. I read somewhere that its because when you need to wee you go straight away but when you want to poo there is a delay between feeling the need and actually doing it. sorry for being gross

mumsyof4 Wed 09-Mar-05 12:01:32

Thanks for that(smile)Im hoping it all clicks in place.DD is my 4th had no probs with others 1 girl 2 boys all dry and clean by 2 .This little horror had 2 b different.

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