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Washing real nappies

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Lua Wed 05-Jan-05 15:47:41

Hello everybody, I am expecting #2 and recently move to England and to a house with front loading washing machine. I have used cloth nappies with #1 and want to do it again with #2. However, I am unsure how to wash them using a front loading machine. This might be silly, but I previously had a top loading machine, where I could do a pre-soak with hot water, and than a normal wash. With the froant loading machine I don't seem to ever be able to really soak through all the clothes.... I need to dry pail the nappies, so I am afraid a simple cycle of wahing won't do the job... Any advice?!

zubb Wed 05-Jan-05 15:54:27

you can put them on the rinse cycle first, and then on the wash if they are really mucky.

fredly Wed 05-Jan-05 15:58:24

I have never ever pre-soaked my nappies and my ds' bottom is immaculate ! I wash at 60 degrees with less powder than is advised on the box and rinse everything twice. Oh and I add some disinfectant powder I forgot the name of ! Can look for it if you're interested.

oatcake Wed 05-Jan-05 16:04:36

just soaked them in nappy soak and washed them at 50 - or sometimes even 40 when I needed the washing machine for other stuff. No problems. (obviously an ickie tummy would warrant the big 60)

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