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Regression after 2 months of being dry - Why?

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northerner Tue 04-Jan-05 14:55:21

DS is nearly 3 and he was dry within about 2 weeks - he seemed to get it pretty quickly. Poos tok a little longer but we got there. Anyway after 2 great months (and I thought I'd cracked it) he has been weeing himself once or twice a day over the last week or so. My Mum says to put it down to Christmas excitement/lots going on etc, but dh has just rang me at work to tell me he's done it again at home. On christmas day he even went behind MIL's sofa, pulled his pants down and did it. Then ran round chanting 'I've done a wee wee'

It's so hard not to cross as I know that he knows it's wrong.

northerner Wed 05-Jan-05 10:04:53

Bumpety bump

WigWamBam Wed 05-Jan-05 11:56:14

When my dd did this, I did get cross with her because it wasn't an accident - she knew what she was doing and knew it was naughty, so she was told off just as she would have been in any other circumstance. My disapproval and putting her back into nappies (and telling her why) worked a treat. She was so upset at the thought that within two hours she was begging to have her pretty knickers back on.

Twiglett Wed 05-Jan-05 12:21:01

Because he knows how to do it now and thinks he doesn't have to bother any more

Its really really difficult .. I went through hell with it .. DS had it perfectly then started pooing in his pants

I tried ignoring, shouting, smacking, treats everything

Finally I got myself so stressed I worked out a couple of things

- poo pants can be thrown away .. they are not that much more expensive than nappies .. so if covered in sloppy poo chuck em out and buy another pack of 7 pants for £3

- I put him back in nappies for a day .. reminded him every 30 minutes, took him to the loo made a huge fuss of him and gave him a chocolate .. did this for a few days and since then he's been great

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