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Has anyone tries pocket nappies?

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budge Mon 03-Jan-05 20:46:10

My 7 month old daughter is wearing popoplini ultrafits at the moment, and these have been a great success. I'm going back to work tomorrow (yuck!)and she is going to a childminder. Initially, I'll give the childminder some disposables to be going on with, but I'm keen that she goes into cloth nappies soon.
I think the ultrafits may be a bit fiddly as they need adjusting to fit, as well as a booster, liner and wrap.
I like the look of the pocket nappies. Has anyone tried these or could someone recommend and all-in-one system?

SmokedSamN Mon 03-Jan-05 20:56:52

yes, I've used Minki's and some other similar pocket nappies and they are great. I still use them with ds1 for night-time and I shall be using them with ds2 when he goes into nursery.

I tried using some of the all-in-ones but the containment just wasn't very good and they do take a while to dry (even the nappy nation which has a special design to let air circulate between the layers). The pocket nappies dry so quickly and I stuffed them with normal terries so they dry really quickly too. (I don't have a tumble drier so this was important to me.)

budge Mon 03-Jan-05 21:24:52

Thanks for that. I like the look of the slinki minkis, so I'll probably invest in some of them!

piratecaptain Mon 03-Jan-05 21:53:03

I've used minkis - to fool ds into thinking they are pants and not nappies as he is 'a big boy now' - they are very easy to use and brill for a reluctant real nappy user - only drawbacks
1)I found was that I found it more of a horrid job removing the sodden nappy from the wrap then flipping the nappy from a 2 -part system into the nappy bin - didn't try putting them in the wash whilst still together but was assuming they would wash better seperately.
2) I was used to having only a few wraps and a lot of nappies as wraps could be reused - didn't realise I would need so many stuffable nappie wraps as they have to get changed everytime.

budge Mon 03-Jan-05 22:08:09

I imagine it works out quite expensive to use the stuffables all the time. I only want enough for the childminder to use as I'll carry on using my ultrafits the rest of the time.
Yes I can see that dismantling the nappy might be pretty nasty, especially as I'll probably only ask the childminder to shove the whole lot into the bucket for me to sort out at home - poo and all!

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