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what type of terries

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plantpot Sun 02-Jan-05 21:49:46

would you rate as the best
are prefolds any good

budge Tue 04-Jan-05 15:21:22

I use popolini ultrafits with a popolini wrap. I usually put in a booster too. I bought the brushed cotton patterned ones ( because they were so gorgeous) and I love them!
Dd has never had nappy rash, we have had no leaks and we use them at night. I can't recommend them highly enough.

mummyhelen Tue 04-Jan-05 16:08:05

Hi plant pot, I tried a few different ones at the beginning. I found the prefolds always tended to leak around the legs on my ds and were quite bulky. I now use rainbow bots and bumbles with a motherease airflow wrap. Never had any leaks yet. The tots bots white/ unbleached nappies are really nice and absorbant too, but I found them a little bulky for daytime use. is a good site as they give each type of nappy a star rating for absorbancy, bulkiness etc so can be quirte good if you want to compare. I just found buying a few that I thought I would like worked well and I tried tham for a couple of weeks before I made my decision. I sold one ones I chose not to keep on ebay and didn't make that much of a loss.

plantpot Tue 04-Jan-05 17:41:06

thanks for the advice im waiting to hear on some terries off the ukp site

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