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Slim Fit Nappies

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Discoinferno Tue 28-Dec-04 19:50:29

I currently use Totsbots Size 2 which I find great for absorbancy. Can anyone recommend a slimmer fitting nappy for daytime use. A lot of DS's clothes are very tight around the bum when he has his tots bots. Thanks.

Discoinferno Tue 28-Dec-04 20:44:50


Cinderellascarrieg Tue 28-Dec-04 20:56:23

Coloured totsbots are a bit slimmer. Or Imse Organic are even better, but no fastening! There's a thread below I started on them - bit fiddly till you're used to them, but very slim & absorbent. hth

Gem13 Tue 28-Dec-04 21:11:02

Possibly Motherease? I've only used Motherease but I do have one Tots Bots and it is bulkier than the Motherease.

My DS (now nearly 2.5) is a tall and heavy boy and I've always had to buy 'older' trousers for him to fit the nappies. It's been ok up until now but age 4 trousers don't allow for cloth bottoms. Roll on potty training...

Socci Tue 28-Dec-04 21:11:40

Message withdrawn

bensmum3 Tue 28-Dec-04 23:45:09

I think it also helps to buy trousers that have a bit of room in the bum, next are awful as they are so slim fitting, ds tends to live in dungarees as they've got more room, fuzzi's , sanys and meos are definately slimmer than tots, i tend only to use tots at night.good luck !

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