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detergent allergy ?

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fredly Mon 27-Dec-04 20:27:00

Hello all,
I'm interested to know if some of your little ones have suffered or still suffer from an allergy to detergent. I had always washed my dd's nappies with the same make and then decided to switch to another one just for a bit of variation, and disaster my Elise has got most of her nappy area inflamed. I was so proud of the immaculate state of her bum that I was devastated by that weeping burning patch that made her scream. I put on some hydrocortisone that I had left from the early weeks when she had milk rash and it looks now much better, at least she doesn't seem to be in pain - BTW she's 15 weeks old. Unfortunately, I cannot for sure say that it's the new detergent that did it because at the same time I used a new type of nappy - I'm giving up on Bambino Mio and am shopping around for a better choice. So I tried a Kushies Ultra but surely it can't have caused such a disaster, the bit in contact with the skin is still cotton. Maybe I used too much detergent, nevermind the brand and should have rinsed more thouroughly? Anyone had a similar experience?

mummyhelen Tue 28-Dec-04 21:58:25

I did have a similar experience when changing from Cotton Bottoms to Kushies. ds had awful nappy rash which appeared so quickly. I don't know whetherits because the kushies have a waterproof outer attached, maybe the detergent doesn't wash out so thoroughly. I found halving the amount of washing powder helped a lot, but ds was still prone to flare ups every couple of weeks. In the end I changed to Rainbow Bots which use a seperate wrap. Still only use half powder measure, but have had no nappy rash since and they never leak like the kushies and cotton bottoms did! Hope this helps

fredly Wed 29-Dec-04 21:14:54

Thanks mummyhelen. Since posting my message I saw other threads along the same line id. skin problems triggered by washing powders. I've gone back to my Ariel non bio and after 2 days of intensive hydrocortisone-ing my dd's bum is back to its immaculate state ! Doesn't solve the problem of leaking kushies though but that's another story!

mummyhelen Wed 29-Dec-04 22:16:24

Glad your dd'd bot is all better now. Good luck in your search for the perfect nappy!

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