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when to go for no nappy at night?

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Yorkiegirl Sun 26-Dec-04 16:01:47

Message withdrawn

WideWebWitch Sun 26-Dec-04 16:53:40

You could ask her what she thinks and if she wants to do it give it a go. Also limit water/other liquid for a while before bed time and I lifted ds onto the loo for a wee at about 11pm when I went to bed too. He wasn't ever quite awake but always did a wee and we rarely had a wet bed. Can't remember when I stopped doing it. IIRC the books say give it a go at night when you're getting dry nappies in the morning, so sounds like she's ready to me.

LIZS Sun 26-Dec-04 17:07:28

dd is similar age but not yet regularly dry in the morning - although I suspect she probably is when she wakes and then does it because she knows she can. With ds we had so many daytime relapses that we waited until he decided he was ready (almost 4 and we never lifted him or have had accidents in bed) and will do the same with dd, as I see little point in creating battles whren she can be challenging enough !

YG give her the choice if you think she is ready (sounds like it to me if she can hold it at night and wake you up). If she wants to,make sure she understands what is expected, put a potty close to hand for emergency use and see how it goes.

Good luck

posyhairdresser Sun 26-Dec-04 18:25:12

My advice would be to experimentally try for a week and if your success rate is less than 50% dry nights give up for another month or so.

Yorkiegirl Sun 26-Dec-04 18:49:05

Message withdrawn

KristmasBear Sun 26-Dec-04 21:26:00

My DS is 3 and has been out of nappies in the day for about six months. I ran out of nappies one day last week so decided that was the time to stop altogether. He has been dry every night since. I do limit his evening drinks though to sips rather than the usual gallons!

vess Mon 27-Dec-04 18:36:46

when ds was 3.5 (he's now 4.5) he absolutely refused to wear nappies at night, even though he was still waking up with a wet one. Since I've red it's bad and counterproductive to force them to wear one if they don't want to, and since I couldn't anyway (it was all tantrums and crying, etc) I left him without one and just washed the sheets every morning...for about 4-5 months. And they say you 're not supposed to be angry with them for wetting the bed...didn't always manage that one, I must admit! He's fine now..there's still the odd accident, but very rarely.
Get a waterproof sheet and try not to take it too seriously!

pabla Wed 29-Dec-04 22:21:26

My 3.5 year old has also not been wanting to wear a nappy at night for a while. I tried him for a week, got fed up with wet sheets every night, so started putting one on him when he was asleep. Sometimes he has already wet himself though before I get to do this. I have managed to get him to put one on at bedtime for the last few nights but I do feel that maybe this isn't the right approach as he is so adamant he doesn't want to wear one. I really don't think he is ready though - he's only been dry during the day for a few months - any advice??

Gwenick Wed 29-Dec-04 22:28:59

Well my DS1 was 4 in September. He was potty trained 1 month before his third birthday (although no.2's have always been a problem). In September we decided to try him at night LMAO - it last for one month (mainly because HE kept saying he didn't want to wear a nappy).

However despite, limiting drinks before bed, getting him up in the night to wee and lots of encouragment we had 5 dry nights in 4 weeks. He started getting stressed because he'd 'had an accident' - I got stresesed because I had to wash his full bed linen (he wouldn't get up and tell us when it happened just stay there until he got up - and he's also a great wriggler so it used to 'spread', duvet cover, pillowcase and bottom sheet) and we agree that he'd go back into nappies for a while.

It's quite a squeeze fitting him into the nappies but I'm not going to rush him to try and get him out - so what if he's 5 years old when it happens.

ChristinePlushPants Wed 05-Jan-05 12:55:15

dd2 was 5 in October and is not yet dry at night, I've been using trainer pants and if I lift her for a wee when I go to bed she is usually dry, but she won't take that last step and stop wearing trainer pants at night.

dd3 is 3.5yrs and no signs of being dry at night, but then again I was a bedwetter long after starting school so I think they have bad genes in this dept!


SofiaAmes Thu 06-Jan-05 01:50:41

I would try to figure out what caused the wet nappy you get every fortnight or so. (late night drink, no wee before bed, excitement? etc). And then eliminate that cause before eliminating the nappy. My ds was day time toilet trained at 22 mo. and we took off his night nappy about 5 months later when he had had a dry nappy everynight for over a month. My dd is just about on the same schedule. She's been nappyless during the day since 22 months and although we took her nappy off at night at around 24 mo., she was having so many accidents that we put it back on and now at 27 months she's had dry nighttime nappies for over a month, so we've taken off the nappies a few nights ago...success so far.

ghosty Thu 06-Jan-05 05:33:31

We took DS out of nighttime nappies when he started waking regularly at 5am with a dry nappy wanting to go for a wee.
I was tempted a couple of time to tell him to go in his nappy but I thankfully never did (5am is not my best time of day ). We got rid of the nappies and started lifting him to go to the toilet at around 10/11pm (he was 3.3 when we started doing this).
We kept lifting him for ages and ages (we were too lazy to see what happened if we didn't lift him) but eventually just around his 4th birthday we gave up as DH went away for a week and at 7 months pregnant and suffering from SPD I just couldn't physically do it.
Every child is different, I think we were lucky with DS (only ever wet the bed twice) but my friend tried everything with her DD and she only got dry at night at 6 years old.

laneydaye Thu 06-Jan-05 10:04:14

my son who is nearly 4 still wears nappies at night and is always wet and most mornings he poos in it aswell, he was very young when he was dry in the day would just sit on the potty no probs..... about 16 months i think, and now he regularly wees his pants in the day and we find poo aswell most days.....HELP AND ADVICE PLEASE

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