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can any1 do this nappy fold see link

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babyjjbaby Wed 30-Jan-08 22:58:22

i can't do it

fingerwoman Wed 30-Jan-08 22:59:55

have never tried it. looks like it'd be too small for my porker

thelittleElf Wed 30-Jan-08 23:00:31

Haven't got a nappy to hand. Going to grab a piece of kitchen roll grin

babyjjbaby Wed 30-Jan-08 23:04:10

haha i am trying to practie some differant folds and can't do any of them blush

thelittleElf Wed 30-Jan-08 23:05:46

Ok, i've done it! Am quite [shocked] that i mananged it actually grin

thelittleElf Wed 30-Jan-08 23:06:19

shock i meant hmm

babyjjbaby Wed 30-Jan-08 23:07:21

i have sort of done it but don't think it is right hmm

babyjjbaby Wed 30-Jan-08 23:08:09

has urs got most of the padding at the front

babyjjbaby Wed 30-Jan-08 23:09:26

i don't think i will ever be able to do this one

Octothechildherder Wed 30-Jan-08 23:09:46

Easy - its the Jo Fold - named after Jo Tubb - ex lollipop now Washabums!

Fold your terry/prefold into 3 to make one long pad - then fold the back of the nappy out on each side to make a fan shape.

When folding the pad in do one side then the other - so you can fold the back half back out.

It is a very good fold for long slim babies.

Octothechildherder Wed 30-Jan-08 23:10:47

It should be a slim fit! And the bit that fans out atthe back goes round the waist and nippas at the front.

WriggleJiggle Wed 30-Jan-08 23:11:25

THis was my favourite fold. Ok, I admit it, this was the only fold I every really mastered with confidence.

[proud emoticon]

babyjjbaby Wed 30-Jan-08 23:12:07

yeah but mine comes out about 15inches long with no waist

babyjjbaby Wed 30-Jan-08 23:14:03

how do u get it to a square when u fold all the points into the middle

Octothechildherder Wed 30-Jan-08 23:15:17

On the other link - it is the same as the poo catcher. the chinese fold is pretty easy aswell - as is the kite whichis good on bigger babies.

For the Jo/Poo catcher

1. Lay terry flat in front of you
2. Imagine it is divided into 3 lengthways
3. Fold one side in over the middle third, then the other side in over the top
4. you should now have a pad the length of your normal terry
5. Fold the top layer of pad outwards to form a triangle, then do the otherside and you end with up with a Y shape.

Octothechildherder Wed 30-Jan-08 23:15:55

do not fold all the points to the middle, that is why it is so small!

Octothechildherder Wed 30-Jan-08 23:16:34

On really big terries you can fold it in or on newborns but most can just do the pad folding bit.

babyjjbaby Wed 30-Jan-08 23:17:58

how do u get it to a triangle

babyjjbaby Wed 30-Jan-08 23:18:30

my terries are the 2ft ones i think

Octothechildherder Wed 30-Jan-08 23:19:31

the jo fold doesn't end up as a triangle - if you are trying to fold the back bit out - pick up the loose corner and fold it down and towards you - then do the other side.

babyjjbaby Wed 30-Jan-08 23:20:29

no the other one sorry

babyjjbaby Wed 30-Jan-08 23:21:35

to make it into a prefold i just fold the terry in half then half agian so i don't know how to do it

babyjjbaby Wed 30-Jan-08 23:28:06

i think i better stick to what i can do the jo fold what i have done is not right cos the leg holes are huuuuuuuuuuuge i do quit like the bikin fold tried that the other day after seeing it on utube and that was very easy and quick

Octothechildherder Wed 30-Jan-08 23:28:45

WHen you fold it in half twice you end up with 4 layers - with this you fold into 3 - so fold in once on one side then fold in again over the top. then you can fold the back outwards into a fan y shape!

babyjjbaby Wed 30-Jan-08 23:31:21

sorry i am thick still can't do it the jo fold i think i have solved by folding the front bit down a bit so it is shorter hmm

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