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'Imse organic' nappies - how DO you do the blighters up?!

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CarrieG Tue 23-Nov-04 10:21:15

Totsbots, fine, no problem. But we've a few Imses & a) the nippa just won't grip the cotton & b) some design genius has put a little patch with the name exactly where the bottom 'leg' of the nippa needs to go!

Is there some really obvious solution? My day started with a cold shower & a smear test & now it's going downhill!

ernest Wed 24-Nov-04 12:58:24

i think they're finw for small babies - you just wrap around firmly then put a wrap in it formly - don't need to use a nipper - like you say don't work anyway in this type of cotton, but I have yet to find a way of keeping them on an older baby (eg over7 or 8 kilos) sorry

CarrieG Wed 24-Nov-04 19:05:35

Thanks ernest, glad it's not me being a complete klutz! Might try attaching velcro to them (well, OK, getting my mum to attach velcro to them).

& I really like them too - nice colour, slimline, came in a cute cotton bag - gah

ernest Wed 24-Nov-04 19:11:43

i like them too, but been through 3 kids and have failed to crack this prob. they absorb really well, dry really well, are slim line like you say. just a shame it's impossible to keep the damned things on once the baby gets a bit bigger

giraffeINAMANGERski Wed 22-Dec-04 00:33:03

i had this problem but i either did them up with nappy pins in the summer if dd was running round with no wrap on, then in winter just used a wrap with them. Sometimes tucking the sides under the soaker pad and sometimes just making sure i used a velcro wrap which is fairly snug fitting, eg tots bots wraps. I wouldn't recommend buying them to people though TBH, terry squares were easier in the end!

Cinderellascarrieg Tue 28-Dec-04 00:12:23

Well, I've persevered & I've discovered it's mostly down to speed of change - so long as ds is being fairly co-operative, can now whisk him into Imse & velcro wrap with no subsequent problems.

I'd also be reluctant to buy them again, tho'...totsbots seem to be as good & without this problem.

ChristinePlushPants Wed 05-Jan-05 12:53:01

Imse designed it to be a fastening free nappy I believe, and they don't recommend the nippa, it takes a bit of practise to get them to nippa properly as the terry loops are shorter than on a tots bots. If you use an aplix fastening wrap (remember Imse produce the Bumpy range) you'll find it holds everything in place. Or sew on some velcro if it's really driving you bonkers


Maisiemog Mon 14-Mar-05 22:48:18

Hi, I just wanted to second the velcro idea. I just bought three Imse Vimse flannelette nappies from Ebay and they are a nightmare to hold together whilst fastening the wrap.
They also have major containment issues, I put a prefold in to boost the nappy for nightime and we had a major poo leak (down the leg, I was running to the bathroom with the baby upside down)
I thought they would be good to use with my cotton bottoms as an extra nighttime layer, but they definately won't work without being secured.

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