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My toddler refuses to poo!!

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clouisewood Tue 08-Jan-08 16:52:49

Dear all,
My toddler is 26 months and has been out of nappies for 4 months. Whilst still in nappies, she would occasionally become constipated and pass a hard stool which would cause a little tear. In the last 2 weeks she has decided that she will not poo because it hurts her. I took her to the doctor who prescribed 5ml twice a day of lactulose stool softener. I have been giving her this (and she also has a good diet) but she still didn't go for five days. She shouts, "I NEED, I NEED" and so i take her to the toilet/potty but she says, "I DON'T WANT TO"....
I have tried reading her stories on the potty, bribes of all sorts (icecream, visits to friends/fave places)...I have tried taking the focus away from poo altogether and being really relaxed but after 95 visits to the toilet and still no poo I start to get a little stressed angry esp when she asks every 5 mins. Has anyone been in the same situation and have any helpful tips? I don't want to have to keep her on the medication for too long.
Thanks so much.

clouisewood Tue 08-Jan-08 17:00:03

I forgot to add that she still wears a pull-up at night but will not go in he pull up either. She also becomes upset if I ask her to sit on the potty for a few mins. I have tried explaining to her that the medicine will make her poo soft etc and her understanding is good.

orangina Tue 08-Jan-08 17:04:36

My dd is the same, not due to constipation, she just doesn't like "letting go" I don't think. I offer motivational treats (!) for a succesful poo in the loo, and if we are about to go on a long car journey or something and I know that she can't hold it in for much longer, I do sometimes cave in and put on a nappy.... I try to be as relaxed about it as possible...
Good luck, hope that helps...

clouisewood Tue 08-Jan-08 17:30:06

Thanks for post. I don't think she is constipated either although the doctor suggested putting her on the medication to soften her stools and hopefully make her realise that poo does not hurt. She just hangs on to it. I can't think of any reason why this has suddenly started either...maybe she is just asserting herself!! I wouldn't mind if she would go in a nappy - I suppose it's better than not going.
Good luck too!

mumof3kidz Fri 29-Feb-08 21:15:34

I've just been through exactly this with my 3rd child. For the first time ever and in desperation I resorted to the internet and came across mumsnet. There seemed to be a few mums with this problem but no answers. I have managed to sort my daughter out and promised myself that I would post it on mumsnet for all others in the same situation! I am lucky enough to have a BRILLIANT homeopath. When my daughter hit her 3rd day of not pooing (despite 15ml of lactulose) I phoned my homeopath in desperation. She told me to give her *silica 30* morning and evening. It was amazing and kept her regular. However, the fear of pooing was still there. My homeopath then prescibed her ONE pill of *Stramonium 200* morning and evening for ONE day. She has pooed merrily ever since!! You will need help from a proper homeopath to sort out your daughter's fears. However, the Silica should keep her regular but make sure she doesn't eat or drink anything for 30 mins either side of taking the remedy. You can buy the homeopathic remedies on line (it may be worth trying *silica 200* if the 30 strength isn't enough). I hope this is helpful - please pass the information on to anyone else with this problem because, I know how extremely stressful and upsetting it is. Good luck!

P0ppie Wed 22-Jul-09 15:29:40

This was posted some time ago clouisewood and I'm curious to how you got on and I'm in the same situ at the moment...ds has been fantastic at potty training but he had one painful poo and it's just been so stressful ever since...I've spent ALL day today running to and from teh bathroom with him, doing incentives, singsongs, books, cuddles and at 15:22 I am at my witts end and starting to snap which I know will only make it worse but when he's dancing on the stop in obvious discomfort every couple of minutes I can't take 5 minutes time out.

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