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4yr old dd will only poo in nappies

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mystified76 Mon 07-Jan-08 10:28:47

My dd1 is 4 in january, she has been dry in the day for a year, but still refuses to do a poo on the toilet.
She doesn't have any accidents at all in her pants, she can hold onto a poo for up to a week (i think 8 days is her record) and will then ask for a nappy and do an absolute huge poo. She totally refuses to go on the toilet for a poo but is fine for wees.
We have tried every bribe you can think of...chocolate, sticker charts etc etc... the latest bribe is a trip to euro disney but even that isn't working! Any ideas? i have said to dh,mil etc for ages that it will resolve itself in time but keep getting comments and now even my mum who is usually sooo supportive has made remarks sad
What should i do next?

Ariela Mon 27-Sep-10 00:29:44

My friend had this with her son, and progressed from pooing in nappies behind the sofa to pooing in nappies only in the toilet, to pooing in a nappy laid on the potty, before going sitting on the toilet seat with a child seat on. Wa a fear of falling in (he was small for his age)

silvijamck Thu 10-Jan-13 13:50:10

My son just turned 4. He had no problems peeing in a toilet, but still only poops in a nappy! I am so glad I came across this forum - makes me feel better, at least I'm not on my own lol
That's not it - my son refuses to pee anywhere but home, and will always take his trousers off when he needs to pee (and pants and socks).
Anyone came across that?

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