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why doesnt everyone use cloth nappies?

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misdee Wed 17-Nov-04 16:13:48

sort of carry on from the breastfeeding thread.

pros and cons of cloth nappies to be discussed lol.

fairydust Wed 17-Nov-04 16:16:40

you have to wash and dry them - and i already have far to many of dd bedding / clothes to wash as it is.

misdee Wed 17-Nov-04 16:17:21

but you could use alaundry service.

reminds me, must go empty the washing machine.

fairydust Wed 17-Nov-04 16:19:13

could do - but still have smelley nappys till they collect them.

prefer sainsburys to deliver mine for me.

Sozie Wed 17-Nov-04 16:36:11

Don't want to wash and dry them.

PuffTheMagicDragon Wed 17-Nov-04 16:38:03

Wait til moondog sees this .

throckenholt Wed 17-Nov-04 16:42:58

don't want to have bagfulls of used disposables hanging around until rubbish collection day

DillyDally Wed 17-Nov-04 16:44:32

Because I live in v small flat and have a mountain of baby clothes to wash and to add stinky nappies too would be awful...(single working mum) plus DD has just had three weeks of the runs and I think disposables are more hygienic in this situation.
However I muchly admire the people who continue to save the planet for my offspring. I take my hat off to you.

misdee Wed 17-Nov-04 16:46:31

i save a fortune on nappies!!

Northerner Wed 17-Nov-04 16:51:01

I used disposables for the same reasons already mentioned. Plus I have an outdated perception of cloth nappies - Terry towelling, safety pins, rubber pants and nappy rash.

I need re-educating I know

motherinferior Wed 17-Nov-04 16:53:53

I am too busy writing articles on 'living a greener life' to do nappies, dahling.

Sadly, this is true. The shame.

Titania Wed 17-Nov-04 16:58:15

ive saved money cos the nappies i had for dd i am using for ds2 now!!

advocateofthedevil Wed 17-Nov-04 17:02:17

Because I can't be arsed and, to be honest, I don't believe all the research that says that disposable nappies fill up landfill sites and take hundreds of years to decompose. I mean, I've never seen it happen so it can't be true.

bundle Wed 17-Nov-04 17:02:59

have only just thought of it as an option and dd2 is 18 mths... seems a bit late

WigWamBam Wed 17-Nov-04 17:04:39

Gruesome memories of the nappy bucket in my mother's kitchen when I was 18 and she'd just had my little sister (yuk)
Even more gruesome memories of my sister's cloth nappies leaking through the legs of her plastic pants
Nasty, nasty memories of my sister's nappy rash and thrush

JoolsToo Wed 17-Nov-04 17:10:29

I must admit that when dd had dgs1 I said she ought to get Terries - much cheaper in the long run (I still believe that) but to be honest I can see why modern mums use disposables. I did use them on dd in the 70's but only in Dorset on holiday (for which I praise the Lord - what a boon!) - you couldn't get them oop North and I don't think I could have afforded them all the time anyway.

My only concern is the disposal of them - you've got to admit its pretty yucky. Not all mothers throw poos down the toilet before disposing of the nappy and I've actually seen a woman drop a used nappy at the side of the road and drive off - bleurggh! (Oh to have grabbed it and tossed it back in through her open window!)

GeorginaA Wed 17-Nov-04 17:11:29

Did try with ds1 (when he was over 1 though, maybe nearer 2?) with several brands (motherese totsbots etc) and while they looked incredibly cute and were nice and soft, he got the WORSE nappy rash I have EVER seen because I couldn't smell when he'd done a poo through them like the disposables ... bad mummy.

That and I struggled to keep up with the washing with only one child... with ds2 as well it would have been a disaster.

noddy5 Wed 17-Nov-04 17:12:26

I think the can't be arsed reply is the closest to the truth

MarsLady Wed 17-Nov-04 17:13:13

I'm with Noddy.

essbee Wed 17-Nov-04 17:17:35

Message withdrawn

beansmum Wed 17-Nov-04 17:19:36

I can't be bothered, terrrible I know. I would never have the time to wash them, I never get my washing done as it is. And I'm hardly ever at home, so would have to carry dirty nappies around with me all day, or pick up dirty nappies from nursery in the evening, yuk!

alicatsg Wed 17-Nov-04 17:20:53

partly because DH is the "primary carer" and I can't imagine the mess if he had to wash rather than bin nappies and partly because when ds was born I couldn't find small enough cloth nappies and gave up.

I do feel bad tho, just not THAT bad. I have enough to deal with without washing cloth nappies.

Titania Wed 17-Nov-04 17:27:41

some councils offer a £50-£100 reimbursment if you use washables.....

emmatmg Wed 17-Nov-04 17:29:55

I did consider using them whe I was PG with Ds3. But then I came to my senses and realised what a nightmare it would be washing them all or having them hanging around waiting to be collected.

I can't keep up with the washing anyway so to have nappies to wash as well......

ponygirl Wed 17-Nov-04 17:35:56

All of essbee's reasons and I can't be arsed. Plus the horrible memories of all my cousins' washables in buckets all over the place at my aunts' houses. Yuck! I do feel a bit guilty about the environmental impact, but my council collect mine weekly and they get incinerated, so they don't go in the landfill. That just leaves me with the expense, which I grin and bear. I pay for my laziness. Well done all those of you that do use cloth nappies though!

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