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I forgot to put ds's night time nappy on last night

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FrannyandZooey Fri 02-Nov-07 09:56:36

and he was dry in the morning

is this it then? Do we just ditch the nappies? He is 4.5, has never really had a dry nappy in the morning but I have suspected he maybe just wees in it in the night / morning because it is there

did not especially want to experiment and find out as I am often up with him in the night anyway (wants a cuddle, bad dream etc) and didn't want "mummy I need a wee" and early morning wakings to add to this, really

I had better bite the bullet, hadn't I?

oh god I am quite tired already, how long is this likely to disturb his sleep for in anyone's experience?

Pollyanna Fri 02-Nov-07 10:03:22

that's how I night trained my dd - I forgot one night and she was dry, and I never put it back on.

We did have a few accidents, but I worked out that these only happened if she had a drink before bed.

I think go for it!

notnowbernard Fri 02-Nov-07 10:12:55

DD1 is 3.10, and has only had one dry night nappy ever. I think I'm going to wait until she has a consistent run of, say, 7 dry nappies in the morning before braving it!

She is also of the 'If I'm wearing a nappy I might as well wee in it' disposition... so I might be waiting a long time!

royKinnear Fri 02-Nov-07 10:14:14

yes that is how it happened with dc4!

royKinnear Fri 02-Nov-07 10:15:21

not long - well not at all - the odd wet bed but that should be it

hoxtonchick Fri 02-Nov-07 10:17:01

this is exactly what happened with ds, he was a bit younger than your ds. i think he has wet the bed twice since & now he's almost 6. he very very rarely gets up in the night for a wee. hope it's as easy for you.

NBheebieGeebies Fri 02-Nov-07 10:17:12

Go for it franny!

It was my dh who decided that we should just go for it with dd and the first 3 nights she was totally dry.
We did have a few accidents after that but only a few.

Best tips I can give you are buy 2 waterproof sheets so you have one on and one at the ready.
Have a pile of clean sheets to one side in his room so that if he does have an accident your not trawling through cupboards to get out clean sheets.
And before you go to bed, lift him out of bed and stick him on the loo. You'll probably find he'll be really sleepy and not even noticed what you've done but it does seem to eliminate accidents.

Good luck!

lomond Fri 02-Nov-07 10:22:44

I would just ditch them. DD was 3 + 3mths, we had just got back from a holiday and realised that we had no nappiesd left. It was either go out and buy more nappies or try it and see. We had the odd wet bed (used bed mats and then got a washable mat) no more than 3 or four, not every night and she has been fine since.

Put a potty right by the bed in case he wakes up. He will soon remember it is there and may not even wake you.

Oh and for the first two weeks I used to lift her at about 10.30pm for a wee, she wouldn't wake fully but on the nights I did this she hardly ever had a wet bed.

Good luck, I was dreading it as I didn't want loads of wet beds to change and disturbed nights but it was a lot easier than I thought it would be. smile

FrannyandZooey Fri 02-Nov-07 10:26:00

Oh I forgot to say - he has a drink in bed with him at night (just water) and often gets himself back to sleep in the night by having a drink

so I would kind of expect him to NEED a wee in the night

(I don't really want to get him to give up the drink atm)

FrannyandZooey Fri 02-Nov-07 10:27:17

plus am pg and having trouble getting back to sleep when woken in the night, and so am going to be less tolerant of being woken extra times, I would imagine

BurrrrrrrrrrningNbg Fri 02-Nov-07 10:49:39

Maybe just limit his drinks before bedtime, makes sure he has a wee before he gets into bed and the drink he has by his bed, not give him as much.

Fwiw I'm 36 weeks pg with horrid spd and although dd doesnt have accidents now <touches wood>, ds still wakes up in the night (he's 14 months) so I know how you feel about getting up.
It is a pita literally in some cases but will be worth it if he goes dry!

MegaaahooohLegs Fri 02-Nov-07 10:55:27

Get a couple of good mattress protectors and go for it Franny. It will be brilliant if he is dry and sleeping by the time number 2 arrives.

We still have to take DS3 (4.4) for a wee when we go to bed and it's still a bit hit and miss, but he doesn't seem to wake up when/if he does wet, he is a deep sleeper though.

FioFio Fri 02-Nov-07 10:59:32

Message withdrawn

Lazycow Fri 02-Nov-07 11:05:46

Why not try it

With a bit of luck he won't need to get up at night for a wee but if he does at this age I don't think it's unreasonable that he should (with a bit of encouragement and a night light in the hall) be able to get himself up at night and go to the loo or use the potty if he needs to. In theory any way grin!

Of course there may be some accidents but again with a bit of luck those will get less and less. Without trying it you won't know and the fact is you can always go back to night nappies if after a couple of weeks it isn't working.

cazboldy Fri 02-Nov-07 11:12:09

ask him what he wants to do. if he wants to ditch the nappy he is more likely to stay dry! smile i always used to lift mine for a wee when i went to bed , but some dc won't go back to sleep. You could try! oh and congrats franny btw! smile

MaryBleedinPopPopBANGins Fri 02-Nov-07 11:34:41

When DS was about 3.5 I suspected that he was weeing in his nappy first thing in the morning so tried without one and he was pretty reliable straight away. The total number of accidents we've had I could count on one hand and he's now 6.5.

And he hardly ever gets up in the night despite drinking water (sometimes quite a lot) before bed.

Your DS could be the same so I'd definitely give it a try.

HonoriaGlossop Fri 02-Nov-07 11:55:24

I agree with asking him. Ds told me he was ready to not wear it any more so I went with that, and he was right, and it was fine; we've only ever had about 2 wet beds and those have been when he was ill.

DS also has water by his bed and is very keen on having it, so we've just let him continue with it. He also has milk to drink before bed so you might think he would need the loo in the night, but he doesn't.

If your ds is keen, I'd go for it. Oh and if you do get accidents then I'd encourage your DP to get up as well, it's much much quicker if one of you changes the boy and the other changes the bed! DH and I haven't had to do this often as I say but we hit it like a SWAT team and we're all asleep again asap!

FrannyandZooey Fri 02-Nov-07 12:06:20

Yes Honoria dp has helped in the past with bed disasters and I agree it makes it all much faster. However dp lets me have a lie in on a weekend if I am not working, so I prefer not to wake him up properly if I can avoid it

caz he said he wants to have a nappy tonight, then I sneakily had a conversation with dp about how much money we could save if ds didn't need a nappy, and how it would mean we could probably go to (local awful amusement arcade much beloved of ds) in a couple of weeks if ds wore pants at night blush. i think he is going to give it a try.

Lazy i completely agree it is not unreasonable to expect him to get up and wee by himself. However ds and I differ quite a lot on what is reasonable behaviour at night time For instance I would usually rather NOT be awoken at 4 am to have a conversation about whether we forgot to turn over the picture on his tiger calendar to November hmm I think he may be able to do it sometimes, and probably sometimes not. I am expecting a few wet beds as well. I have thought about the potty thing and am not sure. He is quite big and hasn't used one for ages. He would probably manage to wee all over the floor, or spill it, or wee on his pyjamas - I'd probably rather get up and help him in the toilet, if I have to

Fio I think you are right, we have been wondering for a while whether to give him a try, but my lazy approach to toilet training means I have left it

So where can I get decent mattress protectors for good price? Have small thing from when pregnant, but it is only a little square really

Thanks all for encouragement and advice!

laura032004 Fri 02-Nov-07 12:23:53

We have a hippychick bed protector from Not particularly cheap, but fantastic. Has been on a bed continously for 4 years, washed once a week/fortnight and looks like new.

laura032004 Fri 02-Nov-07 12:26:36

Single bed size is on Ebay for £19.99 (usually £24.99 on

Lazycow Fri 02-Nov-07 15:56:15

one of my friends whose ds wet the bed at night for a long time swears by these. She said she used to take them on holiday as well (her ds did have enuresis problems though and wasn't completely dry at night until he was 8 years old)

I think they just go on top of the sheet so there is no need to change the bed (assuming you just get one accident a night)- just whip it off and bung in washing mashine.'n'-Dry-Blanket/1312

I would probably also get a fitted mattress protector just in case as you don't want to risk the mattress getting wet too often.

FrannyandZooey Fri 02-Nov-07 18:09:54

Thank you thank you they both look great

he says he wants a nappy on tonight and then not a nappy tomorrow night

we shall see

FrannyandZooey Sun 04-Nov-07 21:40:51

He has gone to bed tonight with no nappy on [nailbiting]

he has a wind up torch in his bed to assist with trips to the toilet

I would be EXTREMELY surprised if he wakes up, finds the torch, switches it on, gets out of bed, goes to the toilet and gets back in without calling me

even to say "Mummy I have just been for a wee by myself without waking you"

I reckon I am going to be up and about in the night the next week or so

Pruners Sun 04-Nov-07 21:45:54

Message withdrawn

FrannyandZooey Sun 04-Nov-07 21:53:50

I have no idea whether it will work or not

it is a physical development thing really isn't it? i haven't the faintest idea whether he has reached that stage

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