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Which Potty? and Help with Potty Training my DS

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mairimac Fri 05-Oct-07 19:19:25

Firstly I'd like some advice on which potty to get for my DS. Originally I purchased one which looks like a mini toilet, with lift up lid and seat which can be used on toilet too, and although he loves to sit on this one, it's quite large at the front so when he sits down he is no where near the hole and there is also not a very large splash guard on this one which is a bit of problem with a boy. Can anyone recommend a good one that kids or boys like!
Also I'm only just beginning to think about potty training. My DS has just turned 2 yrs and is showing a lot of the signs but not all, Iv'e read countless books on the subject and still don't feel confident about the whole thing. Any help, advice for those who have been there, done it kind of thing. My first time and am quite nervous myself. What methods work, is he too young? etc etc. Help and advice greatly appreciated. Thanks

NAB3 Fri 05-Oct-07 19:28:49

I would just get a basic one. Splash guards are usually quite generous.

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