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Much needed advice... ds has started weeing during the night after not having a nappy for 6 weeks

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juicychops Wed 03-Oct-07 12:41:30

ds 2.9 has been dry at night for the last 6 weeks and has been wearing pants day and night since 6 weeks ago.

apart from one accident a few weeks ago, he has never weed in his bed.

But the last 3 nights in a row he has done a wee in his bed during the night.

He hasn't had a drink any later than normal before bed, and he does a wee before he goes to bed, and up until now he has been really good at getting up to do a wee in his potty when he needs to which is kept in his room at night.

What shall i do?

i dont want to start putting nappies on him as he will start to think that its ok to wee in his pants during the night

any advice?

florenceuk Wed 03-Oct-07 12:54:57

Personally I would stick a night nappy back on him until he is dry again. I've also put my DD (similar age) in pants, but accept that she will wet the bed periodically for a while yet - DS still does occasionally at 5yrs10mths. If she does it too many times (I'd classify 3x in a row as too many times) I stick her back in a nappy until it seems to calm down again. It is particularly bad if they are tired as they don't seem to be able to wake. I also stick night nappies on for camping trips and long aeroplane flights!

Seona1973 Wed 03-Oct-07 14:27:41

when dd regressed in the night after a few months of being dry I started lifting her before I went to bed and she would do a wee then. I always spoke to her and tried to get her to respond so she wasnt just weeing in her sleep. After a few months (too scared to stop lifting her in case the weeing started again) she was dry at night again and has been for the last wee while (no pun intended grin). I also didnt want to go back to putting her in nappies so the lifting worked out well for us.

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