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pssssst flame.............................................

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preggersagain Wed 03-Oct-07 10:19:54

thanks for the nappies! love the fuzzi- bigger than i imagined, is that insert really going to be adequate or shall i stock up on microfibre cloths?

also the diddy diaper- not as cute as the swaddlebees is it! so i'm thinking of sticking with swaddlebees, maybe get a few more dd's for emergency use and i'll order some more fuzzi's as soon as we know the flavour of the twins! grin

Flamesparrow Wed 03-Oct-07 11:00:43

Tis going to be used on a much pooing newborn wink It should be fine, by the time they are weeing more you'll be in the next stage probably. Never hurts to have some spare cloths though!

Nothing is as cute as the swaddlebees wink

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