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am I mad to use washables on holiday abroad?

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asur Mon 01-Oct-07 12:08:04

Am going to Turkey next week with DS1 (17months). Have used washables since he was 2weeks old. Had planned to take terries with me and just hand wash them every evening so they would be dry by next morning (have done this on UK holidays)

Am now starting to wonder if it's a bad idea - is it just pre-holiday doubts or am I really mad doing it. The travelling is putting me off I think - will it be awful to have to take a dirty nappy (albeit in a nappy bag) on the flight with me?!

Advice/experience either way, please.


nappyzone Mon 01-Oct-07 12:53:37

if the hotel had a washing machine very accesible or one in the appt then i wouldnt hesitate as they should dry quick inthe heat but i wouldnt be so keen on washing then on a restful break... give yourself a break! smile

asur Mon 01-Oct-07 14:29:53

it's just a cheap self catering apartment so doubt there is a washing machine... I might just be brave and get some disposibles. Thanks for reply

curlywurlycremeegg Mon 01-Oct-07 15:51:14

Have used cloth on holiday but only when the accomadation had it's own washer

grannyslippers Mon 01-Oct-07 16:06:23

I'm afraid I bottled out and used disposables on holiday. We had so much stuff to take and I thought it would be worse to buy terries especially, and the everyday nappies are too bulky. You could get the most eco-degradable ones possible, or buy when you get there. (but I have just discovered that in France they don't have nappy disposal sacks!)

Remember you will need smaller size trousers though!

morocco Tue 02-Oct-07 21:40:38

sure flight would be fine, ditto hand washing, we even managed in wet wales
but if you want a bit of a break, why not?

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