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Bed wetting and pull ups still for my 5 yr dd

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gruesomefoursome Sun 30-Sep-07 21:29:00

Hiya, just wondering if anyone can give me a little advice. My eldest dd is now 5 and ahalf and is still really wet through the night, we have tried restricting her drinks before she goes to bed and have tried waking her up through the night only to discover that she has already wet the bed as she is such a heavy sleeper. She drinks an awful lot and is always complaining that she is thirsty I have spoken to my Gp but they have said that they wont do anything til she is six. is this normal as my four year old twin sons are dry day and night

Tommy Sun 30-Sep-07 21:32:19

you could be talking about my DS1 - he is 6 in Jan and still wears pull ups at night which are completely soaked every morning.

I'm not worrying about it. Sometimes, he says he would like not to wear them but he's obiously not ready.

DS2 was dry at night at 3 so I know how you feel but I really would try not to worry about it and out pressure on her

juuule Sun 30-Sep-07 21:37:09

One of my dds was turned 5 before dry at night and one of my ds was 9+. So in normal range for me.

minorityrules Sun 30-Sep-07 21:53:27

Having been through eneurisis clinic with my dd age 10, here is what we were told (and it worked, took over a year but she is also disabled, which made it a bit trickier)

First off, ditch the pull ups, they fool the brain into thinking it is ok to pee. Get a couple of duvets that fit in a washing machine (if you have one) or go for smaller layers of blankets that are easy to wash

No red or fizzy drinks (orange ones are ok, no red fresh juices and no sparkling water)

Do bladder training:- lots of water, lots of loo breaks, so....
wake up, loo, large mug of water
breakfast, large mug of water, loo
ariving school, loo, water
break loo water
lunch, loo water and so on up to dinner/tea time. The loo breaks are important, don't know why, but don't just go to loo when you need it

Drink with dinner as usual. After dinner, only drink to satisfy thirst, no gulping. If you have done all the water/loo breaks during the day, they should be well hydrated

We started seeing results in the 1st week, was dry 90% after 4 months and now only wets once in maybe 12 weeks (like i said, she has a disability adnd bladder problems so it took longer than usual)

Hope that helps

Alderberry Sun 30-Sep-07 21:55:12

don't worry about it. Its completely normal. Shes physically not ready to go throught the night yet. Some children just take longer.

Alderberry Sun 30-Sep-07 22:00:14

sorry - crossed posts. I do agree that drinking (and weeing) lots during the day helps as it means they are less likely to drink lots just before bed and it increases bladder capacity which means they can hold on longer. Also my son never had a dry pull up ever. We decided as long as he had one on he would always wee in it. But he was 6 before he was reliably dry at night so I still say don't worry yet.

gruesomefoursome Mon 01-Oct-07 13:38:22

She does drink an awful lot of water and wees for england through the day, i dont want to make her feel inadequate about needing a pull up still on a night as she does frequently say she doesnt want to wear one so we try her and only give her the flavoured water if she is thirsty but she still wets the bed.

CarGirl Mon 01-Oct-07 13:41:51

my dd is 5.5 too, she was devasted when her younger sister ditched her pull ups - really cried! About a week later she has started having some dry nights, I'm sure with my dd it is because she is such a heavy sleeper and needs a lot of sleep.

I just say "never mind" when there is a wet pull up we have told her 7 dry nights in a row and she can try without a nappy. Best so far is 4 on the trot. I think the incentive of wanting to give up is helping but physically she is just not quite there yet IYSWIM.

You are not alone!

gruesomefoursome Tue 02-Oct-07 15:50:08

thank you. Thouhjt i was alone and was starting to worry about it!!!!

meemar Tue 02-Oct-07 16:15:44

Hi gruesomefoursome, maybe way off the mark and certainly don't want to worry you but has GP even mentioned the possibility of a medical reason.

I'm sure I've heard that excessive thirst and need to wee are symptoms of diabetes.

Sorry if this worries you, or if you've thought of it but just wanted to bring it up.

gruesomefoursome Thu 04-Oct-07 10:15:49

Hiya. I wondered that too because diabetes runs in my family. I think i may have to get her tested for it. Thanks for advice

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