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nappies for tiny babies

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lisad123 Fri 28-Sep-07 16:58:16

i had my dd last week, weighing in at 5lb 3 oz. i have brought different nappies to try but all look huge and likely to leak so still using dis ones right now. i want to start my wasables asap but no idea which ones to start with and when.
i have prefolds, mothercare shaped terries, and totbots. any advice would be great, she is very little, see profile.


chipmonkey Fri 28-Sep-07 18:02:26

That's exactly the weight ds3 was, lisa! Congratulations!!!! Love the pics she's gorgeous! I know you can get Kushies in prem sizes but am not mad about Kushies. I used prefolds for ds3 at first but can't remember what size he was, I did use Moltex for premmies for a while.

claireybee Fri 28-Sep-07 18:07:40

Kissaluvs size 0 are lovely and teeny! They should fit from 5lbs i think

If you want to stick with the ones you have you can fold terries quite small so they shouldnt leak, but you may want to buy a couple of xs/preemie wraps to hold it all together

lisad123 Fri 28-Sep-07 18:09:30

thing is i cant reall yafford to buy anymore nappies money is tight as dh work only pay him SPL and so its hit hard.

claireybee Fri 28-Sep-07 18:10:50

Oops sorry-just saw you have shaped terries rather than terry squares blush
You may be able to do some nifty folding with the prefolds and again just get smaller wraps...

Your pictures are lovely btw!

chipmonkey Fri 28-Sep-07 18:12:13

What about muslin squares, then lisa? They can be used as nappies and aren't bulky at all. And cheap! Ditto 40 X 40 terry squares.

lisad123 Fri 28-Sep-07 18:13:39

but wouldnt i have to buy smaller wraps too? have newborn size but her legd are soo skinny. Guess just feeling bad as wanted to do my bit straight away.

lisad123 Fri 28-Sep-07 18:14:19

i have 4 tery squares that were given to me, so could try them.

DaisyMOO Fri 28-Sep-07 18:14:37

I would second the advice to try muslins. You will probably need preemie wraps to start off with - you can hire them along with the small size wraps from The Nappy Lady if you don't want to buy them.

BroccoliSpears Fri 28-Sep-07 18:14:50

I used folded muslin squares and hired teeny wraps when dd was small.

lisad123 Fri 28-Sep-07 18:22:48

its still £25 to hire the wraps and £15 deposit too guess I might have to wait for her to grow.

DaisyMOO Fri 28-Sep-07 18:46:57

You only have to pay the hire charge once though - you get both sizes for that.

CindersNeedsHelp Fri 28-Sep-07 19:50:55

Remember dis nappies cost money too, so buying just two xs wraps might save you money. Second hand would be the cheap way to do it. Have you seen

CindersNeedsHelp Fri 28-Sep-07 19:58:58

Apparently Motherease XS wraps fits from 5.5lb are suitable for very slim newborns and will fit over small nappies and the Popo XS Wrap fits 4-9lb.

I would be interested to see if you find anything, because my DS was 5lbs half an ounce, but he was in dis for a while because I have an emergency caesarean and couldn’t bend down to the machine. Any new baby we might have will probably be small too, and I want to put them in cloth straight away, all being well!

susiecutie Fri 28-Sep-07 20:28:18

HI, congratualtions!

I had my baby girl in January, she was 4lbs 5oz I really wanted to use washables too, but decided that firstly, there were very few which were that small... although I've since discovered the Nappies by minki do a premi nappy. It is a tiny weeny nappy which can also go on dolls! She actually wore the neo natal unit nappies for a while which are made for dolls i believe!

Anyway, i decided to use disposables until she was in a reasonable size, and actually continued until recently as i coudlnt afford mulit sizes. She is now in a slinki minki mediuum with PLENTY of room for growth!

We used the pampers micro which fitted perfectly after a couple of weeks but were roomy to begin with as she had a truly micro bottie

Then we used the smallest Huggies as they were the only ones that didnt leak!

I highly highly recommend the SLinki MInki as they are trim fitting around the legs and low in the rise. I am so delighted with the results...

THe other thing you can do, is use the nappies you have and get a nappy nippa, and just alter the shape to your requirements, it might make the nappy a little bulky but would save a bit of money wink
sorry i've gone a little bit. hope i've helped a little though!

DaisyMOO Fri 28-Sep-07 20:30:52

Lisa, I've just realised that I've got 4 newborn Proraps (6lbs+) and 4 small Proraps (9lbs+), all in very good condition and should fit over muslins and prefolds. If you'd like them you can have them for a tenner including postage. If you do, then you can contact me at - no probs if you're not interested.

lisad123 Fri 28-Sep-07 20:53:30

thanks dmoo but i have newborn sizes already, but thanks for thinking of me.
I know dis cost too, she is currently in low birth weight ones from boots, and lucky for me they are on offer at £1.99 a pack, so not costing too much.
Im getting impatient on wanting to use my washables grin

weeonion Fri 28-Sep-07 21:04:42

hithere. i have a couple of newborn wraps that might do you with prefolds or folded muslins. i will send them to you for free smile L dot thompson 773 ntlworld dot com

Flamesparrow Sat 29-Sep-07 11:54:59

Ooh teeny baby (I'm NOT broody) - I would say the XS rikki ones I think.

I am happy to do you a 70% refund on them once you have finished using them, and I will then set up a loan thing for MN - anyone with preemie/tiny babies wanting to be able to use XS wraps for the first few weeks pay a fully refundable deposit, and the postage fees, and can keep them as long as needed.

preggersagain Sat 29-Sep-07 11:56:41

ooh flame you genius!! grin have it up and running by Feb will you wink

Flamesparrow Sat 29-Sep-07 12:04:59

Will do grin

claireybee Sat 29-Sep-07 15:37:41

Will it be ready by december???

Flamesparrow Sat 29-Sep-07 16:49:08

The first person to need them will have to do the paying full price, and then will get a 70% refund when they return them - they will get brand new wraps. The next person will be able to use the loan ones (the used ones that have been returned by the first person).

If there is a crossover then obviously I will have to rethink the set up (possibly a small fee for the use of the service as well as a deposit so that I can afford the buy enough wraps to have them in circulation).

So - if Lisa wants to be the first person, then yup, it will be set up by December, if not, then you might be the first person wink

sparklygothkat Sat 29-Sep-07 17:11:04

oh flame i would be interested too, ds is only 4lb 8oz

Ceolas Sat 29-Sep-07 17:15:13

Can I donate anyone some size 0 Kissaluvs? Used (not by me) but pretty good condition. I have 5 (2 white, one blue and 2 yellow)

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