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What do you do when potty trained ds is crying out for his potty the minute we put him in his cot?

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PanicPants Thu 27-Sep-07 15:44:18

Obviously apart from give it to him? My angel has realised that if he asks for a potty he can get back up out of bed. The first few times he did this I took him out and he would have a wee, then I'd put him back in his cot. Repeat over an hour, with the wees becomming just tiny dribbles which ds has made by sitting on the potty for half an hour and refusing to get off.

He has twigged that this will get him out of going to bed.

So I've been giving him the benefit of the doubt and letting him sit on the potty (the first time he asks - despite ALWAYS using the potty just before bedtime) and then ignoring the pleas from then on

Any ideas?

JiminyCricket Thu 27-Sep-07 15:46:19

I let her go once before bed, then once after, then tell he r no more and stick to it..after all they are just using their temporary potty training advantage, you can't balme them! So pretty much the same as you. Should settle down.

fruitful Thu 27-Sep-07 15:52:10

Sounds like you're doing ok really. Are you staying with him while he sits on the potty? Because sitting on his potty by himself in a bedroom with only a nightlight for company might not be so attractive.

witchandchips Thu 27-Sep-07 15:52:25

is he of an age to put the sides of the cot down? You could then leave him to go by himself. Thus he would get to go out of bed but would not get any attention.

witchandchips Thu 27-Sep-07 15:52:44

cross post fruitful

PanicPants Thu 27-Sep-07 15:56:00

Thats a good idea fruitful I'll try that one tonight as he always pats the floor next to the potty for me to sit next to him.

He's only just turned 2 so not really old enough yet to take himself on and off potty and back into the cot - but once he is old enough I'll definitly do that witchandchips.

He's still in nappies over night but I do think he doesn't really need the potty but rather a cunning way to put off going to bed - the monkey.

fruitful Thu 27-Sep-07 21:47:36

They cotton quick don't they? I hate the bit when they realise that all they have to do to get your instant attention any time any place, and have you drop what you're doing and whisk them off - is shout "wee!".

I was in a shoe shop yesterday and another mum was in there and her little boy wanted to investigate what was behind the storeroom door. The shop assistant foolishly said "oh, nothing but the toilets out there". It took, ooh, maybe 2 whole seconds for the boy to announce that he needed a wee!

Good luck tonight, anyway

PanicPants Thu 27-Sep-07 22:04:23

Yes they do don't they? The minute ds has had enough of being sat at the table it's "Potty, potty..." But if I'm ready to leave the house and want him to go, he won't...the bugger.

stripeytiger Thu 27-Sep-07 22:19:22

Yes PanicPants, they are very crafty aren't they. Think this is probably just a delaying tactic for going to bed and I had this with both dd and ds.

Its very frustrating but its just a case of putting up with it and giving him the benefit of the doubt (to a certain extent) not least because as any parent knows, after having successfully come through potty training, you don't want anything to throw a spanner in the works and for them to go backwards.

I can remember saying to ds when it was getting to the point where just as I was putting him to bed he would decide he urgently needed a poo, that it was "not an option to sit on the potty for half an hour every bedtime like a broody hen" He thought that was hilarious and soon after that stopped doing it!

Flibbertyjibbet Thu 27-Sep-07 22:26:45

OMG mine hasn't twigged that.
Instead he just shouts 'I want a wee' when in the naughty corner.
If you ignore him he wents his pants!
If we take him to the loo he thinks the punishment is over..
We think we are halfway there by making him carry on the punishment after trip to loo.
They are sooooo crafty.

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