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when to potty train

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2young2know Tue 25-Sep-07 08:58:19

my lil boy is 1yr old n just starting to walk on his own when do i start to potty train?

LittleB Tue 25-Sep-07 12:31:56

I potty trained dd when she was 2yrs2mths, which is still quite young, I think average is about 2yrs8mths, although I know people who've done it younger, but it is much harder if you try to push them into it before they are ready. They need to be aware of what their body is doing and when, telling you when they've done a wee or poo, becoming uncomfortable and wanting their nappy changed when its wet etc. You've got a while yet. I also did dd in the summer, its easier, they wear less clothes, and can go part naked while you're training them, easier to dry your washing in the summer too, I'd leave it for at least a year for your boy, if not more. But this is a great spot for advice when you do start, helped me lots!

bozza Tue 25-Sep-07 12:34:12

I did both mine in the spring after they turned 2. As DD's birthday is mid May she was just 2. smile Whereas DS was 2.2. Both trained well and reasonably quickly. I just think it is easier clotheswise at that time of year.

bossybritches Tue 25-Sep-07 18:18:03

Don't rush it 2young, as boys are often (not always!) later than girls!

The advice we give mums at our nursery is leave it until they are at LEAST 2.5 (bozza you were lucky!!) & yes spring/summer time for all the above reasons. However the clincher for us is if they go for long periods with a bone dry nappy & then you look & it's round their knees!

As littleb says come back next spring & we'll all give you tips. Enjoy him while he's still a babe & don't worry about anyone (MIL's etc) pressurizing you into doing it until you & he are ready!

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