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Dry Nights - Help!!!!!

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Mummy2Eve Sat 22-Sep-07 21:56:53

Hi all,

Apologies if there is a previous discussion that has dealt with this issue, I have had a look, but there are thousands!!

Could any of you let me know how you tackled getting your lo?s dry at night. I should have tackled this sooner, but working full time, pregnancy (DS 4 weeks old), and a toddler to look after I just didn?t have the energy for constantly washing sheets!!

DD was three in June and apart from the odd accident has been dry and clean since approx 28/29 months. She is still in pull ups at night which are still quite wet and heavy in the mornings.

Some friends have advised me to lift her to the loo just before we go to bed, others have told me not to bother because it doesn?t work?? I don?t know whether I should just wait until the pull-ups are dry in the mornings as I have read? Or is it a bad time to start with new baby on the scene? Any advice, tips or personal experiences on how you dealt with it greatly received.

bubblagirl Sat 22-Sep-07 22:13:35

i'm yet to tackle this but i was told no drinks for an hr before bed and to sit my ds on poty when i go to bed

you can buy bed mats disposable sheets boots sell them pack of 10 for 4.29 approx cheaper than the pampers ones

my ds likes to go to bed with a cup of juice so i will make it small cup of juice and then sit him on potty when i go to bed i guess maybe the more they are wet in night the more they will dislike it and want to use the potty i will put night light on and leave potty beside the bed good luck

Flamesparrow Sat 22-Sep-07 22:14:07

There is meant to be a hormone that kicks in and they are then more likely to be dry.

We noticed in the last fortnight that DD is waking at 6am to wee, and being dry through the night, before if she was dry it was just pure luck and waking at normal time.

I'm not convinced by lifting (but mine gets overtired if she has broken sleep by lifting) - I am more for waiting until pull ups are dry/they refuse to wear them.

mum2oliver Sun 23-Sep-07 20:03:06

Can anyine give anyomore on this as Im in the same situation.x

Eddas Sun 23-Sep-07 20:14:36

I'm in same situation too, dd 3(also in June!) and i've been thinking about it.

Is it true that it will happen eventually without the lifting thing. Not sure I fancy that. I know dd is very much like me and I hate to be woken.

My thoughts atm are at some stage, with much discussion with dd beforehand, to just take away the nappy, put a waterproof sheet on the bed and see what happens. I'd put a light on in the hallway and tell her to use the loo if she wakes in the night and needs it. Also would do the no drink just before bed and whilst in bed.

LIZS Sun 23-Sep-07 20:30:16

I would n't bother frankly. They become dry at night naturally when they are ready , apparently there is a hormone which has to kick in to make them aware of the need to wake. You can't really "train" it. If you force it you could end up with broken nights a habit of lifting that is hard to break, they may not have a full bladder when you do it and may not be awake enoguh to sense the need and "learn", and still have wet sheets to change . Do you really want that extra stress with a newborn, I know I didn't ? Both ours were almost 4 when they coudl suddenly do it, never lifted , never restricted dirnks except we fouidn apple juice in the evening would often be followed by an accident.

Eddas Sun 23-Sep-07 20:38:35

so, unlike i've been told by 'helpful'hmm relatives, I should stick with my personal thoughts that dd will do it when she is ready? I am not keen on forcing her to do anything and this has worked with most things so far. Infact I can;t think of anything she can't do that maybe she should IYSWIM

Katisha Sun 23-Sep-07 20:45:57

DS2 will be 6 in December and still wears nappy (Dry-nites) at night. If there's one thing I've learned from this board, it's not to worry about it. DS1 sorted himself out at 2 and a half. Don't know why they are so different but am not going to try to force the issue...

mum2oliver Sun 23-Sep-07 21:17:53

Iv just lifted my ds for the 1st time.He is still wearing a nappy but just wanted to see how wet his nappy would be in the morning if I lifted.You've just made me change my mind and Im not doing it anymore.I didnt toilet train until ds asked me 2.10 as he started playschool so will wait til his body is ready.He looked so sweet when I just lifted him and felt very guilty.I just didnt want anymore cost of pull ups as pampers ones are expensive but the cheaper ones make ds sore.Oh well little longer me thinks!!

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