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GemmaJones Thu 20-Sep-07 17:37:56

I recently posted a question on here about shaped nappies and am now thinking about buying terries instead as they seem so much cheaper, although not sure how easy they'll be. I've been recommended a few places - twinkle, napt lady, clean green nappy. I was surprised at the difference between prices. Twinkle has them on here for £18 for twelve (about half way down the page), and Clean green nappy has them for only £8.75 here.

Is that right? I've checked and they are definitely the same product - Twinkle has an ultra version for a bit more, but these are both "supreme". Has anyone bought from either? I guess it could just be a typo!

Pixiefish Thu 20-Sep-07 17:40:14

have you looked at the small business section on here- flame i think has an interenet nappy business

Flamesparrow Thu 20-Sep-07 18:02:40

They are definately the same - maybe there is a pricing error?!?! I dunno - the seller part of me wants to ask the company, the buyer part says to buy em quick

Flamesparrow Thu 20-Sep-07 18:04:49

Lol, or yes, you can buy flat nappies from me grinblush

Flamesparrow Thu 20-Sep-07 18:05:54

I have the little ewe, or the bright bots (which aren't listed yet but I am somehow magically expecting them to sell hmm)

Flamesparrow Thu 20-Sep-07 18:06:19

Nappyzone does bamboo squares

Jas Thu 20-Sep-07 18:27:34

The cheap ones are £8.15 postage, and the expensive ones are £2.75.

They are still cheaper, but not such abargain as they first appear.

nappynuttynormabutty Thu 20-Sep-07 18:32:20

Just wanted to add that I used Terries for the first few weeks (probably 6 weeks+) and they were very easy to use. I only stopped using them cos I got a bit addicted to buying nappies blush

nappyzone Thu 20-Sep-07 19:07:49

nappy addiction is good grin

Flamesparrow Thu 20-Sep-07 19:51:42

very good grin

Jas Thu 20-Sep-07 19:58:56

I have 8 yr old terry squares (cheap ones from mothercare), which did two years as nappies, and are now general purpose mopping/floor cloths. Defiitely worth the initial expense.grin

I also have that nappy addiction wich means I now have more nappies than I can possibly useblush

daisyandbabybootoo Thu 20-Sep-07 20:03:21

I got some from Mothercare (10.00 for 6) to use as a back up and althought the terry cloth doesn't seem all that great quality wise, they do fluff up nicely and seem very thirsty. If I were to buy them again, I would go for bamboo.

The clean green nappy people are revampng their range so are maybe selling them off to make way for another product? buy em up at that price while you can!

lailasmum Thu 20-Sep-07 20:08:26

I reckon clean green nappy have missed a 1 off the beginning of the price and it should read £18.49. I have some of these terries and I don't think the quality is that great in comparison with say the little ewe ones which are miles nicer. The junior joy ones are full of loose threads and snags already and they have only been washed a few times.

GemmaJones Thu 20-Sep-07 21:41:59

I just checked at Clean Green Nappy and the postage is £6.06 for the lowest price - so it adds up to £14 something and twinkle is £20 something including p&p. I also noticed their prefolds are £7.79 which seems quite cheap. Maybe they are just cheaper?

CleanGreenNappy Thu 20-Sep-07 21:53:23

Hi, I'm Esma from the Clean Green Nappy Machine. Hope it's ok to respond here? I notice some other businesses do, so if it is a problem please just tell me and I won't again! (I do have a baby daughter and will use mumsnet for other things anyway!)

Just noticed a few people linking to us from here tonight, so thought I'd see why! We do sell the terries and the prefolds at those prices, which is in line with our margins on other products. So not sure why the other sites are more - maybe they get it from a more expensive supplier?

Also noticed that someone said we're revamping our range. While we always monitor what's received good feedback from our mums and make adjustments to our stock accordingly, we're not doing a big revamp - and won't stop stocking Junior Joys, which we think are a great and really well priced budget alternative to the shaped real nappies.

If it is ok for me to be posting here, and anyone has any more questions, please feel free to ask.

Flibbertyjibbet Thu 20-Sep-07 22:02:22

If they are the Junior Joy 'Supreme' then they aren't much better than the mothercare ones. the best are little ewe. I've used all kinds! Last time I bought some lanolin for my wool wraps I noticed the supplier also had Organic cotton flat terries that look devine and same price as little ewe. (or maybe
These and the little ewe flat terries are about £2.25 each which is much dearer than the mothercare or Junior Joy ones but worth every extra penny.
(Sorry flame - but he did tell me he is looking for agents in other areas if you are out of the south east?)

Flibbertyjibbet Thu 20-Sep-07 22:03:52

Oh, Flame, by that I meant, sorry for mentioning another nappy supplier, but he mentioned to me that he was looking for an agent (I am in the North West), I said I wasn't interested as I am newly self employed and mum of two so plenty to fill my time up. So if you fancy adding a fabulous range of organic stuff to your nappy range... get onto it!!

Flamesparrow Thu 20-Sep-07 22:06:03

Lol - don't apologise Flib (is it ok to call you Flib??)!! Off to look them up...

Ello Esma - welcome to MN grin I'm glad it wasn't a pricing error - I was all torn between not wanting to see you lose out on profits, and wanting other people to get cheap nappies blush

Flibbertyjibbet Thu 20-Sep-07 22:11:00

Yes if you tell the man that someone on mumsnet said that he mentioned he was looking for an agent - I told him I always go on and on on mumsnet about knitting my own organic wool nappy covers!!
Perhaps you will have to give knitting demonstrations grin and will be on the crafts threads instead of all over the nappy threads.
Call me anything you like ' a rose by any other name' grin

CleanGreenNappy Sat 22-Sep-07 09:42:14

Thanks Flame, for the welcome. Not sure how come we obviously get the terries so much cheaper, but glad I can pass on the low cost to our suppliers!

mozzybear Sat 22-Sep-07 15:31:10

I have one bamboo square that I bought as a back up. After the initial "wtf" I have found it really easy to put on and ofcourse, it dries quickly. Used with a fluffle booster it lasts pretty well.

Now if only DS would stay still long enough to put ANY nappy on hmm

bakingabun Tue 25-Sep-07 10:33:48

I bought some Junior Joy ones recently and although I haven't used them yet, bump not due till january, they are nowhere near as good as the ones I used with DD 5 yrs ago. I;m hoping they fluff up on washing but after a quick examination they look like I could shoot tennis balls through them, never mind peas, lol.

nappyzone Tue 25-Sep-07 11:27:51

MY TERRY FOLDING IS SHOCKING - on a bad day i find it has come off as boy been roaming about - i think he purposly removes it as it is kinda snuggly so he uses it as a blankie hmm

bakingabun Tue 25-Sep-07 11:55:35

Can anyone tell me if the junior Joy fluff up after washing?
Sorry for the slight hijack but had to ask.

LizaRose Tue 25-Sep-07 11:59:41

I have some Junior Joy terry squares and I wouldn't use them as stand-alone nappies, they are ridiculously thin. They are ok for stuffing pocket nappies. By contrast the Little Ewe are really thick and soft.

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