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Bedroom upstairs, toilet downstairs

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mumofdrac Tue 18-Sep-07 21:35:35

Not sure if I've come to the right place for this question but I thought I might find people who are already in the midst of lots of wee and who could offer advice!
My dh wants to extend our living room into our bedroom so we have a big family room downstairs. This would leave our 1 year old ds in a room downstairs right next to the bathroom and us upstairs (with no bathroom).
Is this a bad idea? He sleeps through until 6ish now but is obviously still in nappies. Do you think I'm setting myself up for a lot of trouble when he is toilet training? Will I be up and down the stairs through the night? (Sorry - complete amateur when it comes to parenting!)
Apart from having to cart dh's stinky socks up and down to the washing machine are there any other pluses or minuses in being upstairs?

Othersideofthechannel Wed 19-Sep-07 05:30:39

SIL has toilet downstairs, bathroom and children's room on 1st floor and parents room on 2nd floor.

She said it was a PITA doing two flights of stairs in the night when she was pregnant.

One DD aged 4 is toilet trained at night. She pees on a giant potty in her room which they empty in the morning. (Bit like having a chamber pot)Soon enough she'll be old enough to go downstairs alone at night.

I don't they need to wee that much at night. My DD is 2.9 and only calls once in the night for a wee, and not every night.

Finally, get your DH to carry his own smelly socks!

BabiesEverywhere Wed 19-Sep-07 14:10:52

We also have a giant potty (the top fits on your normal toilet and the base works as a step)...we keep it downstairs during the day as the toilet is upstairs and my recent surgery keeps me from running upstair with my babe under one arm for every toilet break.

We got our for about a tenner from Tesco.

hana Wed 19-Sep-07 14:20:24

it would only be for a little while - we sleep on a differente level to our 3 kids and I still hear the 6 year old if she gets ussp in the middle of the night for a pee. She manages herself, so I dno't hvae to get up with ehr. will be a different story when 2.6 year old is no longer in night nappies....but it won't last forever

not sure I like the idea of a potty and going in that during the night ( except if you need one for special reasons like babieseverywhere)

mumofdrac Thu 20-Sep-07 15:08:55

Thanks for all the advice - ds has a really stinking cold just now and a hacking cough that's making him a bit miserable so it's certainly easier just now having him next door. But as you say hana, he (hopefully) wouldn't be getting up during the night for long. Hmm - pass the sledgehammer...

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