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20m to train or not to train????

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Nemo2007 Sat 15-Sep-07 11:46:50

DD1 is 20m and for past 2/3mths she has taken of nappies when dirty and told me if she has done a wee or pooh. So question is do I have a go at training or do I wait until she says no nappies like ds did at 2.2yrs?

MaureenMLove Sat 15-Sep-07 11:47:53

I'd put the potty out and see if she's bothered about it. If she's not taking to it, put it away again, and try another time.

belgo Sat 15-Sep-07 11:50:13

you can try her for a few days, see how it goes. My DD2 was potty trained at 19 months and it was obvious - a few accidents in the first week or so, but mostly no problems.

the benefits are that it's better for their skin and of course you save on not buying nappies.

Nemo2007 Sat 15-Sep-07 11:56:17


belgo we use cloth so buying isnt a problem..although means I could cut down on them if just dd2 was in them. I just dont know if she is aware when she needs to do something or can only tell me after. Even though its only just under 2yrs since I did ds I dont actually remember what I did!

belgo Sat 15-Sep-07 12:01:12

you save on washing nappies thewink

my dd was also in cloths. Maybe that makes them more aware of what they are doing

belgo Sat 15-Sep-07 12:01:34

then not the

Nemo2007 Sat 15-Sep-07 15:03:37

well started 1hr ago..1 wee on potty 1 half on half off!!

squashmonster Sat 15-Sep-07 15:10:57

my dd self trained at 20 months she kept taking her nappy off and weeing on the floor! I caught her about to do it one day and said do you need a wee and found my sons old potty and she just weed on it and never looked back, poos went remarkably well too as i always thought these took a little longer to get the hang of but after a couple of months she was dry at night too! All her own doing. My biggest problem was trying to find a pair of knickers tiny enough for her little bum! I got some 12-18 months from mothercare but still were big. she almost 3 now and still only in 12-18 months clothes.

Snarf02 Sat 15-Sep-07 19:51:37

my lo potty trained and was in knickers at 21 and a half months, we were loosely doing it by letting her have lots of time with nappy off as we have floor boards and just had potties about and one week it just clicked and within a week she was in knickers, she is dry at night too now with the odd accident now and again. Our second baby is due any day and we wanted to pass on her reusables, it has been really nice having a break from nappies

Nemo2007 Sat 15-Sep-07 20:23:10

thanks all

Well this afternoon she basically didnt pee at all!! So 4 and half hours completely dry until bedtime nappy despite having cups of water with tea etc.Only thing is now she saw her wee in the potty she was refusing to sit on it at all.
So shall see what happens tommorow.

belgo Sun 16-Sep-07 08:49:10

sounds like it went quite well yesterday Nemo well done your dd

insywinsyspider Sun 16-Sep-07 20:33:25

can you help me too?? ds 16 mo can't talk well at all but does signing and will sign 'potty' or go and fetch it periodically during the day for the occasional wee and 95% of poos - so i have no idea what to do, am seriously winging it as all books say this is way too early but obviously i'm encouraging him, my next baby is due in 2 months and whilst 2 in cloth nappies isn't great at least I'll know where I am... what do you do? how long do you let them be interested in potty before you move to pants...
belgo - be interested to hear how it work for you and dd x

tori32 Sun 16-Sep-07 20:47:03

IWS - most toddlers get bowel control long before bladder control, its to do with the detrusor muscle in the bladder. This is generally not mature enough until at least 18mths to be able to hold urine voluntarily. Your lo may be able to wee on the potty but at the moment I suspect it would be more getting the potty to the wee instead of the wee to the potty in time!! grin Don't rush because of the new baby, lo may get dry, but expect setbacks when baby arrives.

tori32 Sun 16-Sep-07 20:48:33

ps to be properly trained your ds should be able to pull his own pants up and down.

LoveMyGirls Sun 16-Sep-07 20:51:38

Dd2 has sort of been potty training today, she was in pants most of the morning. I'm letting her lead the way.

insywinsyspider Sun 16-Sep-07 20:56:45

thanks tori - i'm a little confused because he's so little, i wasn't even expecting to do anything until way after the baby arrived, thats why i'm supprised with the potty interest!

BabiesEverywhere Tue 18-Sep-07 15:42:18

I have been looking for evidence of bladder control for something I am writing..would love a direct link to the medical study etc.

Why not try Ecing also known as Elimination Communication.

It is not potty training but it is a way to give your child the option of elimating outside their napies in appropriate places. i.e toilet/potty and hence being able to stay dry and clean.

My one year old DD, is dry and clean and wearing underwear or cloth trainer pants during the day and cloth night nappies. She does have bladder control for both wee and poo and has had limited control since she was a few months old. We have the odd accident but that is not bad considering her age.

Here are some EC links

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