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Should potty training DD wear nappy for long car journey?

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sarahgg Fri 14-Sep-07 22:39:03

Have started potty training DD2 (just 2yrs old) Has been doing really well at home for about a month. For the last three days I have taken her out without a nappy on and she's been fine (except a tiny weeny wee on sainsburys floorblush. At nursery today she just had a tiny accident on her way to potty, but is doing really well. Have to drive down to PIL tomorrow on my own, it's about a two hour journey on M25 (so could be longer). Don't know wether to put her in a nappy, or just put a mat under her in her car seat and chance it. What would you do?

Surfermum Fri 14-Sep-07 22:41:16

This early on I would go with the mat on the car seat. I did this and also stopped every hour so dd could have a wee.

sarahgg Fri 14-Sep-07 22:42:14

What about stopping on the hard shoulder?

NoBiggy Fri 14-Sep-07 22:44:42

Hello again Sarah.

I put my DD in pull-ups for car journeys early on. She had no confusion over them so I had no qualms about it. Changed her out of them when we arrived.

NoBiggy Fri 14-Sep-07 22:45:51


Get off the hard shoulder, most dangeraous place you can be.

A very good reason for pull-ups, apologise and let her have a wee.

Better wet than run down by a stray truck!

Surfermum Fri 14-Sep-07 22:46:01

I wouldn't stop on the hard shoulder, it's illegal unless it's an emergency and it's dangerous.

I would try to get her to go before you leave and cross your fingers!

Later on I would put dd in a nappy for long car journeys as I found she would often fall asleep and wee then. It was easier all round, and I found it didn't confuse her. But that was weeks after she was first dry.

sarahgg Fri 14-Sep-07 22:48:23

Thanks. I tend to think she would be better in pull ups, but my rl friends all say it's almost cruel to put her back in them, but she wears them for bed, so why not.

Surfermum Fri 14-Sep-07 22:53:20

I wouldn't say it's cruel, but it may well confuse her. I wouldn't do it so soon after starting training. I think night-time is a whole different thing.

sarahgg Fri 14-Sep-07 22:57:27

I think I have just got to bite the bullet and go cold turkey! The worst part will be no juices in the car. For my DD1 that's all that pacifies her and quietens the whines of 'are we there yet'. I have told her she can only have a drink when baby is asleep, otherwise DD2 will want what DD1 has.

oregonianabroad Fri 14-Sep-07 22:59:52

i'd put my ds in a nappy for car journeys.

hunkermunker Fri 14-Sep-07 23:02:15

If she falls asleep, won't she wee?

ellehcim Fri 14-Sep-07 23:03:37

Having the same issue with DS1. Surely if they're wearing napies/pullups for bed anyway there's no harm when on a long car journey? Our journey into work can take an hour and there's just no time in the mornings to be dealing with accidents in the car.

sarahgg Fri 14-Sep-07 23:04:16

Am more confused than everhmm

hotmama Fri 14-Sep-07 23:06:26

If you are not going to be able to stop when your lo wants to have a wee then I would be inclined to put on a nappy/pull-up.

My dd1 is nearly 3 and is mostly dry during the day. I have just been to Cornwall with her and she was put in pull-ups (was a 6+ hours journey). I explained that they were for just in case etc. When I stopped at service stations etc we both went to the toilet - so I kept to the same routine.

Was for the car upholstery and partly for her - she would have been mortified to have weed on her carseat.

Now we are back home back to wearing pants etc.

Top tip - buy a Tommy Tippee travel potty ( I got mine from Mothercare) and keep it in the car - makes travelling a lot less stressful. I regularly stop at kerbsides but NOT on a motorway - it's illegal and dangerous! smile

NoBiggy Fri 14-Sep-07 23:07:56

Will she understand that she's wearing a nappy "just in case", that she can go to the toilet as usual if you're near one, and it's not an invite to wet herself?

If so, then I don't think you need worry about using them.

Would she object to them?

ellehcim Fri 14-Sep-07 23:08:08

Tommee Tipee travel potties currently in TK Maxx for pennies by the way. Picked one up last week.

sarahgg Fri 14-Sep-07 23:10:32

Have got a travel potty, she loves it more than normal frog potty. I know that she will go to sleep at some point, but I have got the disposable changing mats, which are water-proof so I could put that under her. Mind you, only visiting MIL so maybe it's a good get-out clause! 'Can't travel because don't have a census on best way to travel, sorry'wink

hotmama Fri 14-Sep-07 23:12:20

Must clarify I stop at kerbsides so dd1 can use the potty not so i can pick up business! I thought my post sounded a bit weird! LOL smile

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