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Worried about clean nappies

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FRAGGLE06 Fri 14-Sep-07 18:33:26

Hi DD is 5 months. Hasn't soiled (but has wet) nappy in almost 48 hrs. She's teething, could this be why or should i be concerned? She is otherwise well. Cheers

bobsmum Fri 14-Sep-07 18:37:55

I think you may well get the nappy from hell tomorrow - she's been saving it up for you!

Give her some apple - that's always loosened up my two - TMI - sorry smile

See what she's like tomorrow - if nothing happens again, then I would take her to the GP - she may well be a bit bunged up. WOrst case scenario they'll give her a laxative of some kind.

Unlikely though, so panic not smile

tori32 Fri 14-Sep-07 18:42:59

Before trying laxatives or GP is baby bf or ff. If ff could be needing more fluid, give extra water as well as milk feeds or very diluted fresh orange juice is good. If weaned give pureed fruit and veg with no protein.

littlekiwibaby Fri 14-Sep-07 18:46:52

oh heck, I pity the next stinker you get. When my DD saves it up they are awful- full from front to back lol, mind you she is 21 months and they are awful toddler poo but still. yuck.
don't worry though, some babies only go once in a week, others ( like my 8 mo) go 3 or 4 times every day. As long as the tummy isnt distended or tight I wouldn't worry yet. A good tip I picked up was a teaspoon of brown sugar in some warm boiled water. should do the trick, but unless you are worried I'd leave well alone.

FRAGGLE06 Fri 14-Sep-07 19:01:40

Thanks guys

bobsmum Fri 14-Sep-07 19:33:03

Sorry Fraggle - 5 months didn't register in my head - forget the apple at this age - too young - sorryblush

Flamesparrow Fri 14-Sep-07 21:03:24

Lay her on a clean bed - tis sure to work wink

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